I love Tilda Swinton. Fact. She has this effortless beauty and style and is never afraid to take so called ‘fashion risks’. She has an amazing figure which manages to manipulate the clothes she wears into something extraordinary. Even if she is seen wearing something complicated she never looks over styled and she doesn’t conform to trends….this is why I am excited that she has been chosen to be the face of both Pringle’s menswear and womenswear spring/summer 2010 campaign.

“We don’t want to go away from [our traditional customers] – we believe Tilda is more inclusive, as both young and more mature people identify with her acting,” Pringle’s director of global communications, Benoit Duverger, told WWD.

The campaign will be shot in Scotland by photographer Ryan McGinley alongside a short film of Tilda. I can’t wait to see the final results. I’m expecting something traditional but with an edge, something that screams high fashion but is attainable too.

In celebration I thought I’d share some images of Tilda for you all…

2009 Cannes Film Festival in Haider Ackermann, The 2009 Oscars in Lanvin.

Tilda for Another Magazine.

And a little pic of models Pixie and Daisy in Pringle’s last campaign….


12 responses to “Tilda….”

  1. Avatar trendvixen says:

    Man, I love her. Those editorial pics are FANTASTIC! She is such an unconventional fashion icon. <3


  2. Avatar DaisyChain says:

    She is so…uniquely stunning in every way

  3. I just bought one for £2 and am getting right to work snipping and painting! What fun!

    Yes absolutely…I'll put you on mine now 🙂 thanks!

    nicola xx

  4. I love Tilda's adventurous style… she wears couture so well! Love this post!


  5. Avatar coco says:

    I loved her AnOther cover in all the pink ribbon, she's so cool.

  6. She always makes me happy. I love her work and her style. Confident, slightly androgynous and always memorable.

  7. Avatar Shirin says:

    i love the photos!
    and i love your blog.

  8. Avatar Yuka says:

    she has such an interesting face. and clothes look wonderful on her body!

  9. Avatar Alanna says:

    tilda is so fierce, you'd never know that just looking at her though!

  10. Avatar B. KIM says:

    ohh 4th pic is absolutely fantastic!
    i love what you post.

  11. Avatar TheSleekGeek says:

    opmg i love Tilda!she is gorgeous so glamorous!

  12. Avatar miky says:

    she is amazing