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At the moment I’m finding it pretty hard to get back into the swing of blogging regularly. I’ve been wanting to post some professional pics of the models from our fashion event but I’m still waiting for my cousin to sort them out. As I am currently unemployed I’m spending most of my time job hunting and trying to ignore the various sales that are taking over all of my fave sites..damn you….so am currently feeling really uninspired and pretty sorry for myself. Plus I want to sort out my blogroll and do a bit of updating….

BUT I did manage to take a few pics of myself in some of the lent clothes before I sent them back….

The first two dresses below are from Frock and look beautiful when on. The tiered detailing mixed with the almost tribal print is so flattering on. It creates a great shape on the figure and I actually quite like the way it ties round the neck, halter style.
This one has a great tone of colours like it has been washed out. AND it has fringing…

These are the items from Jaeger which I just fell head over heels in love with. We were so lucky to be lent them as they are S/S 09 pieces from the collection and are rather expensive. If I had the money (and that would mean lots of it) then I would have to get this maxi playsuit. When you hold it up it looks like it will swamp you as there is a lot of material but when you put it on it gives you this confidence. It’s made from silk which allows it to drape around the body. You can tell I love it as I’m starting to really gush…I hated having to return this one…sob sob
Jaeger also lent us this amazing sheer maxi dress and the mustard kimono below, which has amazing shaped sleeves.

This post is also a little way to cheer myself up as I have no money to purchase any new items, so for about half hour while I tried them all on I felt like they were mine.


6 responses to “lend it…work it…”

  1. What gorgeous dresses, darling! Love that j-suit too!


  2. Fantastic dresses, and adorable jumpsuit!


  3. Avatar OceanDreams says:

    Yay for fun new clothes! Hope you find a job soon love. 🙂

  4. Ooh, the fringe dress is especially nice. I suppose the only thing better than buying amazing clothes is being able to see what you look like in them for a time…

  5. Avatar DaisyChain says:

    omg that jumpsuit!

  6. Dress in first pic is stunning!

    Lovely blog.

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