Oh crochet…

Being on this crappy self-stupidly-imposed-shopping-boohoo-ban is really starting to get on my nerves. It seems everywhere has waited until I have no money before they bring out the best garments, just take that Topshop waterfall jacket I’ve been lusting after….urgh!

Anyway I’m still allowing myself to trawl the net searching for hidden treasures (mainly on Etsy at the moment) and as my luck turns out I bloomin’ well found one…one that is perfect for the crappy weather…so even though the sun has gone, cheer yourself up with one of these beauts…

I was of course searching under the crochet tab which brought up some little treats made by the Etsy seller Clariceonline

All of these scarves are hand made in wool. The bubbling detail is brilliantly unique and fun. It also allows you to wear the scarf in numerous ways, as shown above. Not only can it act as the obvious scarf, if unravelled it turns into a giant necklace or in the case of the flower, a neck piece. Her prices range in the 30 dollar area and I believe well worth it. After all who else is going to have a scarf like this….check her out Clariceonline.


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  1. wow i love the second one. i will defintely check her out.


  2. Avatar tanya says:

    wow, these are really exquisite–thanks for sharing!

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