Presenting…Carine Roitfeld

So I thought I’d do a little vlog post today…I know it’s about a week old now but I don’t care…I really like Carine Roitfeld. As the Editor of French Vogue she oozes charisma and wears some amazing clothes. This ‘Revealed’ vid she did for CNN gives a slight insight into her life during Fashion Week. I’ll admit it doesn’t give you as much as information as you’d want..but then it’s better than nothing.

I love her…and am now going to geek out watching the vids again….god I’d love her job…
Embedded video from CNN Video
Embedded video from CNN Video
Embedded video from CNN Video


6 responses to “Presenting…Carine Roitfeld”

  1. Avatar Victoria C says:

    omg what I would give to be Carine, she’s so wicked. Cute blog! xx

  2. Avatar coco says:

    I loved this. The guy doing the voice over had such a funny voice as well. Like something from a war biopic.

  3. Avatar hanna says:

    Could i love her even MORE?? the answer is yes-after watching this video!


  4. Avatar Juliet says:

    i love her and her job šŸ™ all the glamorous clothings and jackets she wears from balmain šŸ™ im so envious of her life!!!

  5. Avatar ROBOTS says:

    very cool blog!

  6. Avatar tanya says:

    she’s fantastic! She really does have such a keen eye for fashion. Great post šŸ™‚

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