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It’s All About the Tulle Skirt

Yesterday an email from Pinterest landed in my inbox declaring that tulle skirts are back. And who am I to disagree, especially when I have this image above saved on my camera roll.

Tulle will always remind me of Carrie Bradshaw and I will forever dream of having my own Carrie moment. I’ve found a couple online but none that are exactly what I’m looking for.

I want a tulle skirt in either the softest dusky pink, pale grey or a very light mint green. I want it to sit at my waist and hit just above my knee. I want to be able to chuck on a sweatshirt or tuck in a tee and be good to go. And finally, when wearing it, I want to be able to twirl and twirl and twirl, until my heart is content.

That’s not too much to ask is it?

In the meantime I’ll just keep pinning away…

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Image credit: Walk in Wonderland

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Adidas Superstar Trainers, Get on My Feet

Stop everything, the Adidas superstar ’80s trainers are back, and they’re metallic silver and I want them.

Adidas have teamed up with Topshop to celebrate the iconic brand’s archive, with monochrome colours and moody 80s poses. I have to be honest, most of the collection, including a track jacket and running shorts, is not something I’d be likely to pick up as I’ve well and truly left those dressing days behind me. However, these metallic trainers are something else.

The classic blue stripes, the red lining and the shiney-cracked silver outing. Man, I’ve fallen hard.

Get your Premium Superstar ’80s Trainers by Topshop for Adidas Originals, for £110.


Daisy Appliquéd Trousers I’ve Been Expecting You

Oh hello, daisy appliquéd trousers. I’ve been expecting you.

If you could walk your size 10 waist over to my wardrobe I’d be happy to match make, pairing you with a crisp striped shirt and grey wedges.

I think we’d get along very nicely together. In fact, I’d go as far as saying this may be your destiny.

You see, Jonathan and I (yes, me and Mr Saunders are on first name terms) believe that we were meant to be together. As one. You wouldn’t want to upset Jonathan now would you?

You look like you’ve been made in what I can only imagine is the softest wool blend. Imagine how comfortable you’d be when worn.

So you see daisy appliquéd wool-gabardine wide-leg trousers, you belong to me. Hanging prettily in my wardrobe. Be mine.

Forever yours,


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The Valentino Embroidered Gown I Want to Twirl in Forever

I’ve been searching my wardrobe all this week to find a black-tie appropriate dress to wear to a charity gala I’m off to tonight in Ireland. I can’t remember exactly why that lead me to this super-expensive Valentino Embroidered Tulle Gown, but I’m pretty chuffed it did.

Obviously I could never afford a dress of this kind but that hasn’t stopped me imagining myself twirling around in it. It’s an absolute show stopper.

Everything is perfect. The stormy blue colour, the sheer long sleeves, the giant embroidered heart on the bust, the fitted waist, the flared skirt covered in stars and birds and god knows what. I’ve even been dreaming about this baby when I sleep.

Imagine the reception you’d get as you glide (because that what seems appropriate in this dress) into the room and take to the dance floor. I’d be there all night, just twirling round and round and round. I’d be so happy, I’d never want to leave. Or take it off for that matter. It’s a dress of such beauty that I really don’t feel like my words are doing it justice, so I’d ask that you take two minutes to really look at it. Take it all in. Then join me in the world’s biggest sigh as the realisation hits that you’ll never ever get to try it on. Now excuse me while I go back to my dreams… It’s much better there.


I Need This Whistles Metallic Pleat Skirt, Right?

Help me out here. I’m trying to figure out whether this gorgeous, shimmery number needs to make it’s way to the top of my Christmas wish list.

Come to think of it, this skirt kinda screams Christmas. It’s a gorgeous silver, shimmers in the light and I imagine would swoosh dramatically when walked in.

Whistles, you’re killing me. This Metallic Pleat Skirt is an absolute beaut.

What can I say, I’m a sucker for a midi skirt.

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Is This the Cosiest Jumper of All Time?

I think it just might be.

My first thought was my God, doesn’t that look soft. My second thought was how the jumper looks the perfect balance between oversized and fitted, if you see what I mean. My third thought was Christ, I really need to get this in my life. 
In case you were wondering, this Carla Sweater is from a Danish brand called Just Female. 
I love the way it hangs and hugs the frame but still shows that you have a shape beneath. Perfect. I can already imagine it being chucked over skinny jeans, skirts, dresses…. Anything really.
Of course, they all have to be sold out. That’s just my luck. Especially as I want to throw the charcoal one on now and never take it off. I’ve even signed up to receive an email when they come back in stock. That’s how much I want it.
Get yours here. Just not before me please.
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Starting My Christmas List Early

Dear Santa,

I’m getting in reallllllllllly early this year (although not by Food Network UK’s standard) with the start of my Christmas list.

Last year my not-so-new boyf was kind enough to buy me a black leather cuff from Whistles which I haven’t taken off since. As you can probably imagine, it’s starting to wear. I have nothing against the distressed look, in fact I embrace it, but am not sure how long it’ll last.

However, after browsing the new winter accessories line from Whistles, I’m pleased to say they’re one step ahead. It’s as if they knew…

This time they’ve gone one better, if that’s even possible, it’s leather with maroon calf hair. I feel like the Calf Hair Lana Cuff has made all my dreams come true.

Now Santa, I’ve been good all year and feel like the ultimate reward would look like the above.

Love and Christmas wishes,

P.S. I’ll make sure I leave out the whiskey you like


Want it on Wednesday: ASOS Oxblood A-Line LeatherSkirt

I have a thing for leather skirts. Not PU not pleather, but actual real-life leather. There is no better smell than that.

That’s why, whenever I get the chance I browse the best on the Internet until I find one that I want to own, stroke and smell. In that exact order. I’m just weird like that.

This time, it’s about the beautiful A-line oxblood version from ASOS.

I want to wear this bare legged with a plain tee now and then when winter hits, thick tights and an over-sized knit.

The oxblood was an easy choice over the black. For some reason it looks more metallic with the cracked leather giving it a shine like no other. The length is also fairly decent.

I want it so bad and at only £75 (reasonable for leather) I could actually afford this…

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Want it on Wednesday: ASOS Tribal Embellished Shift

The title of this dress alone was enough to sell me before I’d even seen it. Then when I saw it, bam, I fell hard.

I have no words…

Well if I must…
The fact that the whole of this shift is embellished is incredible. The colours, a mix of coral, green and blue, are perfect for summer. But the thing that makes this dress for me is the cut-out back. If there’s one thing I love in my dresses, it’s a good cut out. This has it. I want, no definitely need it.
Join me at the checkout for this ASOS Tribal Embellished Cage Shift.
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Dreaming of Statement Jumpers

I know the sun’s been shining this weekend but I’m already planning what I’ll be wearing as the weather gets colder. Statement jumpers are the way forward, well, for me at least.

I have a reliable Warehouse knit, a lace black Topshop jumper and the not-so-new boyf’s Muhammad Ali sweat. This just isn’t enough. I need more.

These fit the bill…. (although I don’t have the bills to pay for them)

This 3.1 Phillip Lim Kapow Jumper ticks all my superhero boxes.

I’m imagining them paired with my faux leather skirt, thick black tights and some chunk-heeled boots.