I’ve Got Me a Giant Pom Pom Bracelet and I’m in Love

When a friend buys you a bright yellow pom pom attached to a leather strap making the most badass bracelet ever, you just know you have a friend for life on your hands.

Mine goes by the name Hannah Montana or Hannah Banana depending on the situation. And she’s legendary. Every year she knocks my presents outta the ball park. I mean, this is the girl who got Al and I a disco ball as a housewarming gift. She just gets me.

The bracelet in question is from Finery (see, she knows) and it’s too amazing for words. In fact, pictures don’t even do it enough justice. This is a wrist adornment you need to see and stroke.

It’s also multipurpose. If I don’t happen to fancy looping it around my little wrists, I can attach it to my bag or belt. Sheer brilliance.

In this pic I’ve paired the pom pom with two other faves. The one with the interlocking loops Al bought me years ago in Barbados. The more delicate chain I got for myself when I bought two others for friends as birthday presents. We’re like the 3 musketeers having been friends for well over 24 years, all with matching bracelets.

But now back to the pom pom. Because that is where it’s all at.


4 responses to “I’ve Got Me a Giant Pom Pom Bracelet and I’m in Love”

  1. Avatar Miki says:

    All kinds of amazing. I love this. I might have to DIY this one in a different color. So nice to have a friend who understands your taste and fashion loves. 🙂


    • Jojo Jojo says:

      Thanks Miki! I am soon in love with pom poms at the moment. Yes to the DIY, let me know when you’ve made one. xx

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