Want it on Wednesday: These Fugly Buckled Boots

To say I’m short on shoes would be a compete lie. I have shoes aplenty. I have shoes stacked on boxes in my wardrobe, I have shoes in storage racks, I even have a pair of Loubs in prime position on a shelf. I have mannish brogues, patent pointy-toed lace ups and of course, my red glitter boots but what I don’t have is a clompy, stompy pair, buckled to the knee.

And guess what, that’s exactly what I need.

Now these Isore Boots from Laurence Dacade might not be beautiful to you but to me, well, they’re exquisite. Or fugly. Either way, I love, want and need them.

They have chunky buckles to the knee, are patent, have a comfy rounded toe and are half boots, half flat shoe. They tick everything I look for in a shoe. I truly believe these are the bit of rough to my floral dresses, the tough edge to my animal print and an acceptable layer to add over jeans.

I’m just trying to work out how many times I’d need to wear them over the winter months to make the cost per wear reasonable. Because £959 to me, is not.


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