Want it on Wednesday: The Grown Up Bag of My Dreams

I’ve got itchy feet when it comes to handbags at the moment. Now’s the time the new season bags start trickling in and I start to edit down my favourites list, working out what I can realistically add to my stash around the end of year at my birthday. Today’s Want it on Wednesday item is just that. It’s not called a Paradise Satchel for nothing you know. 

While I don’t normally shop in All Saints, as soon as I saw this on Instagram I had to find out more. It was the simple structured yet still relaxed style that hooked me and the dark oxblood and chocolate colours that reeled me in. Add to that the two different texture finishes and it had caught me hook, line and sinker.

If I had £178 I’d be willing to part with it’d be mine instantly. But for now, I’m adding this to my favourites list to keep my eye on over the next couple of months.


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