5 Reasons I Love a Cold-Shoulder Dress

There is nothing I love more in a dress or shirt, than a cold shoulder. I can sniff them out a mile away, showing a subtle hint of skin with an exposed shoulder. I have several in my collection, spanning from an oversize t-shirt dress with jagged cut outs, to the latest addition which is all lace and billowy sleeves. 

I figured it was only fair to dedicate a blog post to them and the many reasons I love them.


1. I’m finding as I get older, that I don’t like to expose all my skin to the outside world. Instead, these days, opting for either backless or a cold shoulder on a dress.

2. I’m not entirely sure why but I think a little shoulder section looks quite sexy. Especially as it tends to hide the bingo wings and flatter the exposed area.

3. They add just the right amount of drama to an outfit and can pep up a plain shirt or dress.

4. Cold shoulders are usually paired with an oversize dress, which we all know is right up my street.

5. Even if you’re feeling shit, a cold shoulder will make you look amazing.

A cold shoulder, blue lace and billowing sleeves. Hello new favourite dress.

Please excuse the bruised legs, it’s a result of a waltzing incident in which I ended up face down in a kids sand pit. Say no more.


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  1. Avatar Kirsty says:

    I adore this dress, where did you get it from? It almost makes you look as though you have wings, you look lovely xx


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