Making My Own Probiotics: The Brew Factor

As you all know, I’ve been blogging about the ever-sexy topic of IBS for a while now, documenting my struggles on a daily basis. Today’s post is just an update on where I’m at and the next step in championing probiotics.

In the past couple of weeks I finished my Symprove 12 week trial, where I was taking their live probiotic drink every morning. Drinking the probiotic and following the FODMAP diet massively helped squash my symptoms and for nearly the whole 12 weeks I was bloat and cramp free, which was a feeling I hadn’t had for a long time.

I’ve been without Symprove for a month or so now and at first found it tough with almost all my symptoms, that’s bloating, cramps and irregular movements, returning immediately. However, other than a couple of painful blips, it hasn’t been anywhere near as bad as before.

Alongside this I’ve really been delving into the world of digestion, looking at what can upset the gut and why probiotics can help. I started reading several blogs about making probiotics and water kefir and after understanding the science behind it, I’ve decided to try it for myself. I ordered a kit from Happy Kombucha, and over the weekend started my first brew.

The Science:
Kefir grains make up a culture of various strains of healthy bacteria and yeast. When added to a sugar water solution, the grains eat the sugar and in return produce lactic acid, carbon dioxide and probiotics, aka a fermented carbonated beverage.

The Recipe:
To start off my first batch, I’ve used Happy Kombucha’s recipe minus the ginger. It’s a simple mix of water, sugar, lemon, raisins and my kefir grains. This needs to be left to brew for around 24-48 hours and then the liquid transferred to smaller bottles and the grains strained ready for the next batch. Boom. Apparently, it really is that easy to make.

According to this, my first batch of probiotics should be ready to go around Wednesday to Thursday. I’ll report back. Stay tuned.

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2 responses to “Making My Own Probiotics: The Brew Factor”

  1. Avatar San oliver says:

    I look forward to hearing about your water kefir. I’m 10 days into my 12 weeks of symprove
    A few problems at the start and I have erupted with sores on my face and upper body
    Honestly I B S really does mess with things. I looking forward to being less bloated,clear skin,and dare I say energy.
    I have heard a lot about water kefir . I take a glass of organic milk kefir each day.
    Thanks for sharing your link I have found your blog very interesting
    Do you have any thoughts on food combining?

    • Jojo Jojo says:

      Hey! Thanks for your comment and good luck with your Symprove trial. I still take a daily top up just to keep everything ticking along nicely. I actually gave up with the water kefir in the end as it was super time consuming and I couldn’t get it tasting right. I can’t do dairy so haven’t ever tried milk kefir. Have you tried the low-FODMAP diet? It’s definitely something you should look into. Thanks, Jojo