Short Hair, Don’t Care

This weekend it finally happened. I got a bob. And I couldn’t be happier.
I feel like it was only yesterday I was telling you Why the Wavy Lob Rules but then I got hooked on Sienna Miller’s short do and decided I wanted one of my own. I browsed numerous hairdos, mulled it over with a couple of my besties and then immediately text my trusty hairdresser. I knew if I got approval from her, it was on. And it was most definitely on.

First off I have to tell you that my hair feels so much lighter. Now that it’s shorter it has more movement and body and I think gives me more of a style. Suddenly I feel more put together. We kept the base of the hair blunt with the front a little longer and then sliced into it to make it nice and choppy. Et voila.

Wanna know the best bit? I just wash, dry and go. The messier and the bigger it looks, the better. I can finally embrace the waves and the frizz, and I’m more than fine with that. I’m enjoying having fully clear shoulders but may need to invest in more scarves…


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