New Spangly Arm Candy

Can a clutch count as arm candy? If so, this one bust straight in as my new favourite, taking pride of place on my shelf alongside my yet-to-be-worn Louboutins, which is no easy feat.

While I’m still mourning the loss of some clutch casualties that were ruined by damp and mould, I have to say I am enjoying building my collection back up. I spotted this clutch on ASOS a while ago and included it in my roundup 5 Sequin-Covered Beauties You Need in Your Life. I thought it was dreamy then, the mix of colours, the textured tassles, the sequins, and then I got my hands on it, thanks to HP Harman. Now it’s even better.

Back in my original post I wrote that I wanted to wear it with an all black outfit, letting the clutch do all of the talking but I’ve changed my mind. This new arm candy makes me want to layer all of my sequin-covered clothes on top of each other and twirl in the middle of a dance floor, letting the light reflect off my bounty causing some serious strobing.

A girl’s night out is currently being planned. I’m not sure they’re ready for all the sequins just yet.


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