5 Last-Minute Ways to Prepare for Christmas

With only a couple of days to go until the BIG DAY itself, I figured I’d impart some words of wisdom  with some last minute preparations I randomly thought of on the train home Friday.

1. Invest in some maternity-style trousers that have that extra bit of give at the front. Think Joey from friends eating all the turkey. I’m looking for that extra stretch. Extra stretch means extra parsnips and pigs in blankets.

2. Bake a cake. Maybe one from Food Network because we all know cake makes everything better. And because I work there. You need these 101 Christmas Baking Recipes in your life.
3. Bulk buy peppermint tea, indigestion tablets and hot water bottles because let’s face it, our inner fat bitches will raise their hungry faces and no one wants to pay the price with indigestion or cramps. I for sure will be stocking up. I will not be beaten up by IBS at Christmas. You will thank me for this one later. 
4. Two words. Christmas. Onesies.

You can get the one above, from ASOS.

5. Tissues. A family pack will probably be best here. I guarantee someone will cry at the Eastenders dum dums, someone will drink too much fizz and it’ll shoot out of their nostrils and someone else will cry with laughter at the former. Hence the tissues.

6. Booze. Now while I’m not encouraging irresponsible drinking, I do suggest stocking up. In my family we like to start with champers before moving on to Baileys, Asti, mulled wine, more Asti, more mulled wine… I think you get the picture. One year we even made fancy cocktails.

And there you have it, my top 5 last-minute Christmas prep tips. You’re extremely welcome for this ground-breaking advice. 


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