My Wistful Whistles Wish List

I love Whistles. They have this filthy habit of making clothes that are so dreamy, I can’t help but fall in love with them. I then can’t get them out of head. I have to start looking at them everyday just to get my fix.

My hit list has got so long it’s become a bit of joke. It’s never fun to laugh on your own so I’m inviting you to share my habit.

1. Meghan Crepe Dress, £115
The bright blue and simple shift shape instantly caught my eye. This would be the perfect dress for me. It’s fitted around the bust and then hangs slightly away from the body, finished with a dipped hem. Imagine it with a pair of killer heel and some bold jewels.

2. Juno Flamingo Feather Print Top, £295 and Vienna Flamingo Feather Full Skirt, £280
I first spotted this dreamboat top and skirt combination in a Whistles email.
It was like a love scene from a movie. As soon as my eyes fell upon the soft pink hues, neat collar on the cropped shirt and full waspy skirt, it was love.

3. Daisy Foil Skirt, £125
This shimmering metallic skirt is twirling perfection. I can see myself wearing with chunky knits now or a little cami in the summer. I’m sold.

4. Linn Lace Dress, £165
How could I not include this dress? If I had the money I would without a doubt snap this up and wear it proudly to my best friend’s upcoming wedding. In fact, I’d never take it off it’s that damn beautiful. The lace, the bright pink, the cute pleated skirt, I want it soooooooooo badly it actually hurts.

So, that’s my current Whistles wish list. I have no doubts that it’ll only grow and grow until my shopping bag explodes.

What’s on your wish list?


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