Pulling at my heart strings

Again I’m breaking away from the ‘norm’ on Jo’s Clothes and mixing things up a little. I’m not sure what direction this blog is taking but I do know it’s becoming more personal. I find writing things here kind of helps clear my mind.

As the new boyf keeps reminding me, I am an emotional trainwreck right now. I’m having a number of minor health issues and am now having some alternative therapy to try to help, all of this combined has made me super sensitive.

While listening to the new Elbow album I found the last track, Dear Friends, to be the most emotional. There is something beautifully haunting about Guy Garvey’s voice which seems to pull at my heart strings. He manages to write lyrics which I can relate some part of my life to, in this case loss.

dear friends
you are angels and drunks
you are maji
old friends
you stuck a pin in the map I was in
and this is a note from the roadside
cutting the breeze of this
Tennessee sundown
came the sound of the voices I know
I’ve been pondering trees
on the steeliest comedown
and now in the moment I’m home
I’ve got bluster enough
for the sails of a clipper
and the truth never frays a good yarn
but it struck me to say
while so far away
you were with me today
you are here in my head
in my heart
dear friends
you are angel and drunks
you are maji
old friends
you stuck a pin in the map I was in
and you are the stars
I navigate home by

I think everyone has lost someone at some stage in their life and has certain things they associate that person with. For me, it was always my Grandad. When he died my mum used to tell us to look for the brightest star in the sky and that would be him, constantly looking down watching over us. I’ve carried that with me and even now, when it’s dark enough to see the stars, I look for him.
I guess sometimes it’s easier to write how you feel rather than to speak it. 

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