Want It On Wednesday…sophistimicated

Today I have decided that I want to look more sophistimicated hence the them of my WIOW…

This Topshop snake print shift is exactly what I’m looking for. It has a nice twist in the fabric drawing into a waist belt, which breaks up the block print and it’s only £50 which is quite reasonable.

Again from Topshop, this peter pan top is just so sweet. From the colour, to the collar to the tiers, everything is just perfect. It would work well with my blue harems.

Now, I also want a cape. One that goes with everything. And I have just found the folowing two and need some opinions please…..

First up we have this dark blue cape with wool collar for £80 from Topshop. I love the leather trims. I am worried though that as it is navy it won’t go with all of my winter wardrobe….especially black tights.

Secondly we have a military version from Asos at £75. Now if I bought this one in camel it would go with the majority of my wardrobe. Another plus side is it has a hood. I’m just not sure how this one will suit my frame.

Thoughts please….Which of the two capes should I go for? Or have you seen better?


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  1. Avatar daisychain says:

    that peter pan top is gorgeous x

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