Let the good times roll…

Since I’ve started this blog I have been lucky to start getting press invites. Now this wasn’t the reason I ever set this blog up but hey, what’s a girl to do…If I like their idea, am not at work and want to go, then why shouldn’t I? I will always be honest and no matter if I’m getting a sneaky preview or something for free I won’t lie and say I love it if I don’t. That’s just not me. 
Anyways I found myself invited to a bloggers sneaky peak at a new TK Maxx store in Putney. The store has undergone a complete transformation with them aiming to create a more boutiquey feel. And do you know what, they have. The store has big curved mirrors, decorative lighting and massive seating areas that look like beds. The atmosphere is calm and intimate. You could honestly spend hours in there. I took my bezzie Sophie…
I like TK Maxx but usually don’t spend too long in there as I hate the bulging rails and having to rummage and rummage with your elbows sticking out dangerously. But this store has done things differently. The rails are shorter and less packed and are organised by categories and sizes so you can find exactly what you are looking for at 60% off RRP.
The blogger night was fun, we had a talk from Shelly Fellows, the Womens Outerwear Buyer about the trends that they had gone for, some champers, and got to reserve any items we fancied. I completey fell for this utterly gorgeous black leather Michael Kors jacket and this pink Luella bag just behind my slightly tipsy head- please ignore my facial expressions!!!!
Now I had meant to post this up straight after so that when the store opened on Sat 6th you could all have known what to expect but unfortunately I didn’t find the time in between all my hospital appointments. But for those of you who did make it Saturday I hope you enjoyed the massages (I did), the Powder Puff Girls, the champers, and the amount of gorgeous clothes and bags…If you missed out click here to go to their website.
I popped back on that said Saturday and picked up a beautifully soft cream Steve Madden handbag and a cute silky pink top…will post images when I can get my grubby little hands on some batteries that work…

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  1. Avatar daisychain says:

    Looks like fun!
    I love getting press invites, but hate that I can never get to the places.

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