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The Sandal Edit

It’s about this time every year that I realise I’ve worn any sandals that I do own to absolute death, meaning I have nothing remotely sandal-like to grace my feet when the sun comes out. This can only mean it’s time for the sandal edit, which is basically just an excuse for a spot of online shopping.

There are five categories of sandals that float my boat…

The Tough and Chunky

I’ll happily admit that I’m obsessed with Finery. For me they’re not only killing florals, but their shoes are perfect for lovers of chunky heels, block colours and a masculine feel, which is me all over. Finery describe these Leander Leather Ankle Strap Sandals as a ‘shandal’, the love child of a shoe and a sandal. They’re tough and bold, with their thick platform and hefty leather detail around the ankle. Throw them on with a pretty sundress to show them off properly.

The Classic Sliders

These ASOS Fendall Footbed Leather Sliders the pair that I can imagine reaching for the most this summer. Classic, comfortable and can be worn with absolutely anything. I have my eye on a pair of printed trousers that they’d work particularly well with. Also, Al and I have a holiday booked for September and you can’t beat a slider by the pool. Look out for that Instagram photo.

The All-Out Glitz

The magpie in me has shown my love for all things beaded, glitzy and technicoloured in these Park Lane Jewel Sliders. With metallic straps covered in a dreamy mix of sequins, jewels and beads all on top of a cork sole, I feel like my life is complete. These are all the glitz and more that I’ve been looking for.

The Tan Fringe

You can never go wrong with a spot of fringing, especially if it’s tan. If your going for the ’70s vibe this summer, than these Fringed Flat Leather Sandals are the pair for you. No question. No doubt. All you need are some crochet and fares and you’re ready.

The Wild Card

This post just wouldn’t feel right if there was no hint of animal print whatsoever. So here it is, in the form of ASOS Flick Leather Sliders. I like the way the leather straps crossover meaning not too much toe is exposed. I’m not really a toe fan and much prefer mine to be slightly more covered if possible. These are simple, sophisticated and not too garish, not sure I’ve ever written that sentence before.

There’s a definite slider theme going on this year.

Which ones would you pick?

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Want it on Wednesday: The Fringed Jacket of My Dreams

I have dreamt of owning a fringed jacket for as long as I can remember. In my mind it was a beautiful tan suede jacket with long fringing hanging off each arm and the back. I pictured wearing it with a bohemian white top with floral detailing, denim shorts and my Converse.

In reality, I’ve not ever been able to find said jacket so gave up looking. And then I came across this one. You might have noticed that this jacket is neither suede nor tan but that no longer matters, because I want it. Badly.

This Fringe Jacket from Mango is perfection. First up, let’s talk about the fringing and how it hangs from the pockets at the front all the way around the back. This makes me forget that I ever wanted fringing on the arms. The asymmetric zip fastening, the round neck, the cropped fit, all just perfect.

If only I had known I was looking for a fringed biker jacket all along. Now to wait for pay day.

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Metallic, Embellishment and Fringing in the Goldie London Sale

Goldie London are having a sale. This is not good news for me. I’ve been on a self-inflicted shopping ban since the beginning of the year and I’ve been doing ok, up until now.

I’ve been resisting buying this dress from a previous Want it on Wednesday post or any of the other cut-out dresses I’ve been crushing on.

But now they’ve gone and done this to me…

There’s these Carolina Silver Metallic Trousers, which have been reduced to £20.


This cute Hazer Ivory Blouse with Embellishment, £25. You all know I’ve been on the search for a perfect white shirt which would slip easily into my bulging wardrobe. You also know how I am addicted to embellishment.

To top it all off there’s some fringing thrown in for good measure with this Offside Military Green Long Blouse, £20.

Metallic, embellishment and fringing are three of my favourite words. It’s just not fair. Goldie London, why are you doing this to me?!?!