I Wanna Be a Chloe Girl

Every time The Outnet get a new drop of Chloe, I’m drooling over it quicker than you can say, well, Chloe.

For me Chloe has that whole whimsical, bohemian, watch-me float-around-in-a-field vibe nailed.

I’m talking sheer lace dresses, voluminous hareem-style pants, halter tops made from lengths of scarf, a strong 70s colour palette and wedges (hello) with buckled straps up to the ankles.

They caught me hook, line and sinker.

These three items are definitely on my wish list:

Silk-Trimmed Lace Dress, £897.75

Medallion Crepe-Paneled Plisse Silk-Blend Jacquard Top, £630

Matte-Leather Wedge Sandals, £278

I imagine running through a field of buttercups in this ensemble.

Check out the full collection on The Outnet, here.


I Want to Be a Denim Dreamer

Stop the press. I need a suede mini, denim jacket, patterned platforms and cute ankle socks, pronto.

And I have Topshop’s latest Denim Dreamers campaign to blame for it. I’m falling hard for all things seventies inspired at the moment. So much so, that I’ve even dusted down my flares so they’re ready for action.

Topshop are absolutely nailing all things denim. They’ve got seventies soul covered with a-line skirts, flared jeans, d-ring shirt dresses, denim pinafores and smocks. They’ve even got cute ankle boots with a side order of fringing. Don’t even start me on suede.

I want to be Margo and Viv. I also want to get my bangs cut back in… Damn you Topshop.

Are you embracing seventies-inspired fashion? I want to know.

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The Two Suede Skirts You Need to Rock

I’ve definitely got the 70’s trend on the brain this week. First up flares and now I’m harping on about suede skirts. This is definitely the next item on my hit list and because I’m a nice person, I’ve scoured the web looking for the only suede skirts you need in your wardrobe, so you don’t have to.

ASOS Wrap Skirt in Suede with Ties, £65

As soon a trend hits you can always rely on ASOS to have a bucket-load of clothes just waiting to be bought. This suede skirt is by far my favourite. It’s in a gorgeous tan, is real leather, has a wrap front with hanging ties and is a mini. It’s also a super-flattering A-line which is possibly my favourite skirt style, closely followed by a midi. At £65 it’s also a bargain. All you need to do is plait your hair.

Valentino Fringed Suede Mini Skirt, £3,045


This Valentino number is at the other end of the suede-skirt spectrum in terms of expense. It’s extremely pricey and while I won’t ever be able to justify spending three grand on a skirt, I can point out the positives. Fringing. Lots of fringing. And it’s long fringing, hitting mid calf. For that reason alone, I kind of love it.

It’s a black suede so automatically for me it looks smarter, especially when paired with a shirt and jumper. This is a more elegant take on the suede trend. If you’re not fully ready to unleash your inner 70s child, and you have a small fortune in your bank account waiting to be spent, this is the skirt for you.

And there you have it. The two suede skirts you need in your wardrobe, at opposite ends of the spectrum. You’re truly welcome.

Is this a trend you’ll be wearing?

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The Flares Are Back in Business

The 70s are back and in full swing so I did what felt natural and dusted off the flares.

My pair are high waisted, and in all honesty don’t actually come that high up due to my extremely long torso, but they do the trick. I’ve had this Topshop pair for years and years but this is their first outing in a while.

They fit to the knee, maybe a little too tightly, and from there kick into a wide flare. For me they look best with a top tucked in. I’m currently back in love with this silky blue floral number which amps up the sex factor with it’s deep-v front. You may have noticed that my leopard-print Louboutins have made a sneaky little appearance under all that blue denim.

Will you be rushing out to get your hands on a pair of 70s flares? I can say they give you a good butt lift…