The Little Things That Bring Me Joy in the Build Up To Christmas

christmas tree

I transform into the biggest of kids come December. It’s my absolute FAVOURITE month EVER. Every little thing fills my heart with joy as I start counting down the days until Christmas, swiftly followed by my birthday. I also know that it can be one of the most overwhelming months where my diary starts to fill up, my to-do list swells and I stop prioritising looking after myself. Making this list is serving as a reminder to stop, take a breath, enjoy the moment and dig out the sequins.

You ready for this list? The little things that bring me joy in the Christmas build up. Have at it…

It would be plain rude of me to start this list with anything but Strictly Come Dancing, AKA the reason I will not leave my house on a Saturday night. The sparkle. The glitz. The insane dancing. Stacey Dooley. Claudia Winkleman. Bruno. Ugh. Pure joy.

Hot chocolate season. Obviously. It has to be thick and bitter *cough* and have a couple of ‘mallows floating in it.

Cheesy Christmas films are my ultimate weakness. If you put prince/princess in the title and add snow, I’m there. Christmas Chronicles wins bonus points for the ridiculously hot Kurt Russell as Santa. As do channel 5 for airing the ultimate cheese-fest Hallmark films all day long.

I adore watching the autumnal shades of orange and red leaves blowing off spindly tree branches, ending up in heaps on the floor.

Nothing pleases me more than WEARING ALL THE LAYERS. I’m talking tee, jumper, coat, hat, scarf, double socks, the works. I like being a big cosy Michelin Man.

That feeling when it’s cold out but the sky is a brilliant blue and the sun is shining. Coat and sunglasses weather, if you will.

Wearing thick, luxurious socks with a sequin cuff around the house.

Snuggling on the sofa with Al and the bun, in our pjs while wrapped in woollen throws and hot water bottles.

Eating chocolate in the bath.

Eating chocolate in the bath while watching a cheesy rom com.

Eating anything in the bath is pretty great, to be honest.

Beautiful wreaths hanging on front doors.

Fairy lights winding their way around trees and across windows, flashing to remind you how brilliantly pretty they can be.

Jumping in the car with Al and doing a drive round locally to spot the most OTT decorated houses. Yep, still a big kid at heart.

The general cheer and frivolity.

Making gingerbread houses with my niece and nephew and eating more decorations than we manage to stick on the roof.

Candles that smell like pinecones and cinnamon.

Planning family get togethers.

Being able to spend all of Sunday in my pjs.

Cosy dressing gowns.

The anticipation of choosing a Christmas tree from my local flower shop and Al reigning me in when I automatically head towards the biggest.

Watching Al sling said tree over his shoulder to stagger it back down the road. Mwahahahahaha.

The smell and taste of mulled wine.

Swigging mulled wine out of a flask while basking in the heavenly lights of Christmas at Kew with the family.

Riding the carousel while slightly tipsy at Christmas at Kew with my cousins and honorary nephew.

Hot chippy chips on a cold day.

Wearing three pairs of socks under my sassy fluffy boots.

The pleasure of wearing thick opaque tights from M&S.

Adding a cheeky tin of Quality Street to my Tesco order.

What makes you feel all festive? Drop ’em below.


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