8 Reasons Why I Dream of Being a Chloé Girl

Any time I get a whiff of a new Chloé collection I get the feels. I then start imagining myself as a free spirit, running through fields of daisies in my billowing, ruffled, sheer dress, Chloé of course. And then I blink and crash back to reality. Here are a few of the reasons why I dream of being a Chloé girl.

1. I love me a folky, floral, wistful, lace flowing dress and this is Chloé in an essence.

2. Shaggy oversize knits. Need I say more?!

3. Blanket-style capes are not going anywhere and I need me the biggest one possible.

4. Victorian high necks. Even better when made entirely of ruffles.

5. All the lace and ruffles. See point 4 but with added lace.

6. Cute neck ties that look like they’ve been tied there for days and slept in.

7. Leather dungarees. Just because.

8. Oversize jumper dresses where even the tips of your fingers don’t poke out the sleeves.

Ahhhhhhh. What do I need to do – other than win the lottery – to transport myself to this magical world?!

Images courtesy: Vogue


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