Finally some NEW SHOES…

Well technically to me they aren’t that new as I got them a little while ago but they are in a way because they haven’t been featured here on my blog yet…….So now I present to you my NEW SHOES…Can you tell I’m excited…

These were an absolute steal. I was browsing through the Kurt Geiger sale and found these French Connection sand wedges for £5. I originally didn’t think they had my size so rang up the mothership so she could get them but then she found my size too so we both got a pair…..I love them……all mine for a fiver…

My second pair were found in the Debenhams sale. These are Red Herring and I think they were around £15. I wore these when I presented mine and the partner in crimes fashion show. They blistered my toes to death but hey, they look good….
Just thought I’d share them with you seeing as I haven’t been able to buy anything for myself in what seems like aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggggeeeeeeeeeeessssss. Well I didn’t actually buy these myself as the mothership paid…


8 responses to “Finally some NEW SHOES…”

  1. A FIVER!! jealous.
    Love the second pair most, they're gorgeous!

    nicola xx

  2. AMAZING SHOES – especially the second pair, very statement shoes.
    I can imagine someone like Alexa Chung in them …
    please visit my blog –

    sophie x

  3. waouh!wonderful!I love the black one!
    xoxo honey

  4. Avatar Kristin says:

    *Please follow my fashion blog anyone at all!
    Here's the link:

  5. Avatar Kristiana V says:

    I love the black shoes:)

  6. Avatar trendvixen says:

    omg, love the second pair!
    totally a fan of cutout booties. i'm also obsessed. yay shoes!

  7. Avatar Josie says:

    Wonderful choice!! Both shoes are fabulous!! Second black pair is my favorite!! I love this!!