Big old barnet….

I’m still feeling a bit pathetic after beating off swine flu but I am going to start posting again, I will find the energy. Firstly though thank you for all your well wishing comments they were so nice to read especially when you’re feeling really crappy.

Anyway my friends have been bugging me to post these pics for a while, mainly because it happened a few weeks ago but hey ho, better late than never. My memory has turned to mush and my ability to type is failing so I’ll keep it short and sweet. I can’t remember if I posted about being a hair model….it came about in a random way. My partner in crime goes to get her hair done at a salon called Mova, she also does all their styling for when they present/show case their latest styles. Anyway Mova said to her they were looking for some models for an upcoming show so they came along to our fashion event to have a little look. The partner in crime managed to weasel me into the mix because being as skint as I am I was in desperate need of a cut and colour….anyway they ended up going with me, my bestie Sop and my cousin Gem. And here’s how we looked….

Me….don’t be fooled by this….it took blooming ages, gave me a face lift, left me with a headache and made all my hair fall out (think that was mainly my split ends)….although by the end of the night it had grown on me, it stays put, looks unique, doesn’t move in the wind and doesn’t get stuck to lipgloss…

Gem…firstly she has pink hair and an undercut so there wasn’t too much room to manoeuvre, but she got a purple bit under her fringe then she was crimped and tweaked to this beautiful creation which I think only she can carry off…

Sop…she changes her hair colour on a regular basis, never one to settle. They took it darker which made it look ridiculously glossy then gave her a big fat fringe that I love…
Ta da…Here’s the three of us messing around after our few minutes of fame…
…and to finish it with a professional piccy…

By the way we were told to look moody….as for the guy he just was…..


3 responses to “Big old barnet….”

  1. Love these pics and the radical 'dos!
    Hope you are feeling 100% better asap, darling!


  2. Lovely to read you beat off the swine!
    Cute dos, loving Sop's fringe.

  3. Avatar Gem says:

    Loving the pics JoJoBean. Even if i have a pie face 😉

    Becoming a religious reader of your blog now! xx

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