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Today was the day that Barbara Hulanicki’s collection hit Topshop…Were you excited? Did you rush down to your nearest Toppers? Snap up a flirty little summer dress? If not here’s what you missed out on…well you actually haven’t missed out as the online store has most of these below…
Bow Shoulder Dress, £55
Bow Maxi Playsuit, £75
Girl Print Top, £40
Star Embroidered Blouse, £65
Queen Bee Corset Top, £35

Suede Puff Shoulder Jacket, £125

Now I can’t quite decide if I like the star embroidered blouse or the girl print top. I think it’s the floaty, delicate look of the fabric and the pale colours that I’m finding myself drawn too. I have actually surprised myself by wanting to buy a few of these pieces…Of course the trouble is that I still have no money…but a girl can dream..


8 responses to “Shop the collection…”

  1. wow…
    first dress is just beyond fabolous!
    i love it1
    love the color and shape. is just perfect.

    take care 🙂

  2. Avatar tanya says:

    holy crap. those first two pieces took my breath away. I adore these!!!

  3. Avatar A. says:

    I really wish that that first one were are romper, but it’s irresistible as a dress too! So cute 🙂

  4. I love the floatyness of the collection. The black jumpsuit is my favourite.

  5. Avatar Emz says:

    Oh those are so cute! i love the flowy sleeves! I love the puff shoulder jacket =)

  6. Avatar DaisyChain says:

    I was so excited for this collection to come out, but when I saw it in store, I fell out of love with most of it. I liked one of the dresses/tops, but the quality/price put me off.

  7. Avatar cherie says:

    these are fantastic pieces! great taste 😀


  8. Avatar prettyneons says:

    I've been waiting so very long for this—-yes! At long last it is here!
    Now I must wait for an item to be put on the old ebay, so I can purchase for less pennies LOL LOL.

    Have a great weekend hun 🙂
    PeAce & bOwS…
    PrettyneOns X

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