What to buy???

Ok so here’s where I need your help…I just received a TopShop voucher for £35 and now I’ve got the money I’m not quite sure what to splurge it on??? I’ve put together a selection to decide between but I want your guys help to make the decision…I’m so useless…Also I know some of the prices are over the budget but these I would have to save a lil bit for..

Premium Slinky Zip Top £35
Tulip Petal Skirt by Rare £34
Embroidered Fringe Sleeve Top £40
Coral Roses Oversize Crop Tee £25
Embroidered Cut-out Shoulder T £28
Wink Drop Armhole Vest £14
Drape Neck Oversized Vest £22
Striped Asymmetric Waistcoat £38
Ruffle Shoulder Playsuit £45
WANDA Raised Wedge Shoe £65

SHADOW Platform Shoe £70
Here’s my problem…I like all the above but there isn’t really any one item that jumps out at me and makes me definitely want to buy it…well apart from the two pairs of shoes…maybe I should go to the store and have a look. Opinions please……


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  1. Avatar DaisyChain says:

    I love the wink vest, I was tempted to get it myself!
    I also love the rare skirt and the first pair of shoes…
    ugh, I’m no good at decisions!

  2. Avatar Carrie says:

    love the draped vest and the playsuit, but they’re all good choices!

    I’ve added you to my links list!

    xx, carrie


  3. Avatar Annie says:

    oooh, i would choose either the tulip skirt, the rose crop tee, or the waistcoat. all excellent choices!

  4. Avatar coco says:

    I love the last pair of shoes. I have my eye on them too.

  5. Avatar Em x says:

    Hi, its my first visit to your blog :d I would choose the pink skirt or the cropped tee. I love the first paif of shoes but i just know i’d break my ankles in them! Em x

  6. Avatar Samantha Ann says:

    omg i want a topshop near me!!!

  7. Avatar macyaverage says:

    the slinky top is absolutely gorgeous.

  8. Avatar Moose says:

    how in the world did you get a topshop voucher!! drooooolzzz get the coral roses oversize top 🙂

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