How I’m Finally Getting Help for My Anxiety with CBT

If you’ve been reading my blog recently you’ll know that my posts have all had a similar theme; IBS battles, heading towards water to heal my mind and reflecting on the things that make me smile. The truth of it all is I’ve been struggling with my anxiety. Really struggling. Over the past 3 weeks I took the decision to do something about it and I wanted to share the truth of it today, in honour of it being Mental Health Awareness Week. I’ve always been a natural worrier but find that my IBS brings a side order of anxiety to the party. Usually I can control the panic attacks or pounding heart with some breathing techniques or meditation but it’s got to the point where I’ve been feeling anxious 24/7. And I don’t feel I have the techniques to be able to fully control it myself. It’s always there, bubbling under the surface. It’s taken a long while for me to be able to admit this and then be able to do something about it, because despite blogging openly about my struggles, I’m not the best at opening up in person. It makes me feel vulnerable and nervous. Writing about it on … Continue reading How I’m Finally Getting Help for My Anxiety with CBT