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From Where I Stand: Floral Tiers, Black and White Errythang and Pimms in the Pool

As I desperately try to get my Instagram act in gear and less of a shambles, I decided to post the outfits I wore to work this week.

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Today I Dressed Like a Cowgirl

I don’t know what it is but something about wearing a classic striped top, denim pinafore and white patent brogues made me feel like a cowgirl today. And I bloody loved it.

Today I got called Cotton Eyed Jo, which is actually my country and western stage name. I got asked where my horse was and if I was a mate of Grayson Perry’s. All compliments in my book.

But then again, it doesn’t really matter what others think or say, as long as you’re happy right? And I most definitely am. That’s all.


Purple Errrything

For some reason my title immediately makes me think of Quality Street, which is odd because the purple ones aren’t even my favourites. Who would pick them over the strawberry creams, I mean honestly. Anyway, today’s post is a homage to all things purple, mainly my brand-spanking new dress.

A couple of weekends ago I went sale shopping with mum, which is a routine of ours after my birthday and the new year. For possibly the first time ever, which is bad I know, I ventured into Cos on the hunt for the perfect white shirt. I want to up my basics game and a white shirt is something that’s missing from my wardrobe. Instead of a white shirt, I found this purple dress.

Dress, Cos | Hat, M&S | Necklaces, ASOS | Brogues, Bertie | Watch, Michael Kors | Bangle, Oliver Bonas

It completely had me at hello. It’s a simple jumper swing dress, made from a flattering fabric that hugs the boobs and then gently falls a few inches above the knee. It has cute sleeves that finish just above the wrist and is in the most amazing deep purple. It’s a colour that doesn’t feature that heavily in my wardrobe so as soon as I pulled it on, I knew I had to have it. I’m now hooked on Cos, which could be an expensive habit.

My trusty floppy hat seemed the only option to pair with this dress. It had to be all purple or nothing, and to be honest my hair wasn’t looking so fresh so this provided the perfect cover up.

After placing myself on a shopping ban for the better half of last year, I was like a wild woman running between shops, and of course didn’t stop at just one dress. Hell no, I also picked up these shiny brogue-like babies. They’re so shiny I can even see my face in them. Who wouldn’t want that!

Have you been sale shopping? Picked up any bargains you’d care to share below?

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An Ode to Knee Socks

In my books, socks are pretty under appreciated, so I’ve decided to dedicate a post to them. In particular, I’d like to take a moment to rave about my obsession with knee socks. 

They’re good in a number of ways, so good, I’ve listed them below.
1. In the winter I get lazy and don’t like to shave my legs, so knee-high socks hide the fact that I’m actually half gorilla.
2. They just look so darn cute. Seriously, try pairing them with your nightwear (even a massive work tee), dresses or shorts, you can’t help but like it. Do it. Now.

3. They’re cosy. After all, no one likes cold toes.
4. Sometimes they even make sparkly ones. And you know how happy that makes me.

5. Arctic Monkey’s wrote a song about them.

After that, try and tell me you’re not sold.

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My Trusty Cold-Weather Skirts

I have three skirts which, when worn with suitable layers and thick black tights, can get me through any situation no matter how miserable the weather is outside. These are my reliable and trusty cold-weather skirts.

First up, a pop of colour…

Pink Tulip Skirt

This skirt always reminds me of a giant Quality Street. It’s bright pink, shiny looking and in the shape of a bubbled tulip. It’s perfect for tucking tops or jumpers in to. It’s a definite stand-out item.

Whenever I put this on I feel instantly more glam. I love the folds and pleats in this skirt and the way it bubbles under at the bottom.

What I’m Wearing:
Skirt, ASOS
Jumper, Warehouse
Belt, ASOS
Boots, River Island
Necklace, present
Watch, Michael Kors

Leather Skater Skirt:

If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know that I love a skater skirt. It’s my go-to and fall-back skirt. If in doubt, choose skater. That’s my motto.

This one is a tad too big for me around the waist, but when belted tightly, it’s the best.

What I’m Wearing:
Skirt, Warehouse
Shirt, Phillip Lim for Target
Belt, ASOS
Brogues, Topshop

Animal Print A-Line Skirt

Every time I wear this skirt, the compliments roll in. It’s garish, in-your-face, covered in a mix of snake and leopard print and has deep pockets. It’s perfection in a skirt.

I like pairing it with something equally as bold, just because I can.

What I’m Wearing:
Skirt, Lavish Alice at ASOS
Tee, pinched from Al
Boots, Emma Cook for Topshop
Necklace, Love Moi
Watch, Michael Kors

Do you have a trusty winter skirt?

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Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Over the years I’ve collected a lot of animal print in my wardrobe. I have skirts, shirts, tees, vests, blazers and shoes. I’ve got it all. I’m addicted.

When I see an animal-printed item in the shops I find myself drawn to it. It’s like a weird magnetic pull reeling me in. I’m a complete sucker for a print. Whether it’s snakeskin, leopard print or some crazy mix of both, I’m all over it.

It’s bold, brash and instantly mood lifting, which is why I decided to road test them all at once. It might be a little crazy, it might be too wild for your liking and I know for a fact that the clashing prints and colours would make my cousin Gem come out in hives, but I don’t care

What can I say, I kinda like it.

What I’m Wearing:
Blazer, Topshop
Vest, ASOS
Skirt, Lavish Alice
Boots, Kurt Gieger

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Bleach Washed and Cold Shoulders

I have a tendency to gravitate towards cut outs and over-size dresses, so when the two collide, I’m in heaven.

dress is one that you automatically reach for, like a comfort blanket,
when you just can’t be arsed spending time trying to find anything else.
It’s one that will hide anything, gliding over any sins, and is the
epitome of comfort.

don’t particularly care that it doesn’t show off my shape, or flatter
my waist. I find it refreshing to wear something that just hangs

is the perfect weekend dress, suitable for lazing around the house,
mooching around the shops and curling up in to write blog posts. And I’m
more than happy with that.

Shoes and bold lip are optional.

Get your ASOS Cold Shoulder Dress in Bleach Wash here.


My Go-To Summer Skirt

The only song I have running through my mind at the moment is Will Smith’s Summertime. This weather is just incredible and I’m definitely enjoying pub gardens, the smell of suncream (it smells exactly like holidays) and busting out all my long-lost summer clothes.

My current go-to skirt is surprising for me…




This skirt would usually be way out of my comfort zone. I tend to shy away from super tight things as I hate feeling restricted (think it all stems down to my IBS constantly bloating me, I don’t want to look pregnant when I’m not thank you very much) but when paired with a slightly loser top, I have to say I kinda like it.

There is one clear reason I love this vest top. This picture will explain that.

I picked up the animal-print sunnies from ASOS for Latitude as they were big enough to protect nearly my whole face from the sun. Plus, I can never say no to animal print. You should all know that by now. I’m fairly predictable.


Why not finish with a little selfie?

What I’m Wearing:
Skirt, ASOS
Vest, ASOS
Necklace, gift from a friend
Sandals, Zara
Watch, Michael Kors
Sunglasses, River Island at ASOS

What are your summer staples?