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Animal Print Vs Floral Vs the Sun

With today being the hottest day of the year and with plans to spend the afternoon lounging around at the not-so-new boyfs parents for a BBQ, my plans when choosing an outfit revolved around wearing as little as possible. Add in the words breezy and flimsy and we’re on the same lines.

Today’s combo of clashing prints happened by complete accident. This animal print vest is one of my go-to pieces in the warm weather. It’s incredibly thin and is loose enough to not get caught to my clammy skin. Lovely. The skirt is an old one pulled from the back of my wardrobe. It’s not too short, has an elasticated waist (which means I can eat more) and has ginormous pockets. It was a win win situation.

Vest, ASOS. Bra top, Primark. Skirt, Vera Moda. Sunglasses, Topshop.

Today I think the animal print won. It definitely wasn’t the sun, there was a paddling pool set up for the not-so-new boyfs niece, which I happily played in.

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What I Wore Today: My Trusty Black Dress and New Huge Sunnies

Today’s outfit post features a trusty black Boohoo dress that I wheel out time and time again. It’s one of my favourite dresses to wear to work as it’s lightweight, smart, and oversized – it can hide all the cake!

It’s also really easy to accessorise. It has an elasticated waist which I prefer to belt and a nice mesh top. I’ve added my Love Moi Boutique beaded necklace and then my River Island sandals.

I also met up with a bestie last week and in doing so got sucked into the mahussive Topshop on Oxford Street which is always dangerous. Luckily for me she met me pretty swiftly and all I walked out with are these huge sunnies which I’ve been living in ever since.

What are you wearing this summer?

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What I Wore Today: White Shirt, Printed Trousers

Can I just start by saying how good the weather is! The not-so-new boyf and I hosted a massive family BBQ yesterday so were praying for sun and it appeared and lasted the whole day. It even gave me a sun burnt nose. Amazing.

In honour of the sun I’ve decided to bust out an outfit post as I haven’t done one in a very long time. What’s more, we took these pictures in our garden when I got in from work. Please focus on the rose bush not the naked ground. One more warning, this is going to be image heavy rather than text as I want to browse ASOS. Yes, shameless.

I love these printed trousers but always struggle to find a top that goes with them. I borrowed this cut-out shirt from my mum and haven’t taken it off since. It’s perfect for this, I wanted to wear a loose top that has some swoosh movement in it. You know I love a good twirl.

Grey vest, Topshop. Shirt, borrowed from mum. Trousers, c/o French Connection. Sandals, River Island. Sunglasses, Fiorelli. Necklace, c/o Love Moi.

I also took a few of my newest items out for a road test. I went to Gunwharf Quays shopping with my mum a few months ago and picked up these retro-looking sunglasses. They’re quite 70s in soft pink and grey and I love them. 

The beaded necklace I’m wearing is also new  from Love Moi Boutique. I love the bright colours against the black beads and it hangs at just the right length for this shirt. I have a few other pieces I’ll be showcasing in a another post so keep your eyes peeled.


Warning! If you’re not a fan of feet, look away now!

I did warn you! These sandals are my most recent River Island purchase. They’re incredibly garish, with their tan, neon yellow and black gold-studded straps and that’s the reason I love them. Some things never change.

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What I Wore Today: Pink Tulips and 80s Shoulders

The work wife visited my house this weekend for mine and the not-so-new boyfs first Halloween party and had the pleasure of venturing into my wardrobes. The first thing she noticed was this top, remarking that I hadn’t worn it in ages…so here it is.

I’ve paired it with my giant pink tulip skirt. I’m going all out volume here, with giant 80s shoulders and a giant bubble skirt, but hey.

Top, River Island. Skirt, ASOS. Belt, ASOS. Boots, River Island.

We’re still currently taking these pics on my iphone until we can find our camera charger, so please ignore the fuzz.

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What I Wore Today: Little Red Dress

This weekend has been my idea of perfect. The not-so-new boyf and I finally got around to buying and putting up some curtains in our living room and getting a few bits and pieces for the house. We also went out and demolished the biggest roast dinner you’ve ever seen. I am currently sporting what looks like a very pregnant looking belly – it’s mainly due to the warm chocolate brownie pudding really…

Anyway, to go to lunch I decided to wear this flimsy little red dress.

 Dress, BooHoo. Tights, Tesco.
I bought this dress from for less than £10 and as of yet, haven’t really worn it. It’s very short and very flimsy and for some reason just doesn’t feel right without a thick pair of tights.

It’s also good for hiding a food baby!

Hope everyone’s had a good weekend.


What I Wore Today: Pink Bubble Skirt

Today was a simple one in terms of my wardrobe. I wanted to wear something that would put a big smile on my face and make getting on the train that little bit more tricky due to the tulip shape. Enter my trusty pink bubble skirt. Or, more commonly known as my Quality Street skirt.

Skirt, ASOS. Jumper, Topshop. Vest, Primark. Shoes, Topshop.
I still love the proportions of this skirt. I love the volume it holds and I love all the creases and folds of the metallic material. I like to keep it simple with my black lace jumper and studded flats. Kapow.
By the way, I realise the pics are still blurry. The not-so-new boyf clearly thinks I look better in soft focus! Note the new picture location today though. Changing it up baby.

What I Wore Today: 50s Style Dress

So this post title is taking over from ‘What I’m Wearing’ as it’s currently past 8pm and I’m not wearing it anymore!

Today was cold, rainy and utterly, utterly miserable. I had to break my no tights rule and find the thickest denier I owned.

To be honest, I could have done with wearing some make up but hey ho.

Dress, Asos. Belt, Topshop.Boots, River Island.
I can only apologise for the shabby images. I blame the not-so-new boyf.
This fifties-style dress always makes me want to swirl around the house.