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Christmas Gift Guide: 10 Under £10

Usually this is the time of the year that I start thinking about myself, a lot. What kind of prezzies would I like this year, what couldn’t I live without, what can’t I afford to buy myself because all of my money goes towards cushions and soft furnishes, but this year, I’ve decided it’s about time I focused on others. 
I love Christmas shopping, it’s a tradition in my family that myself, mum, auntie and cousin all take a day off work, hit the town and literally shop until we drop, mulled wine in hand. And this year will be no different. However, I have started researching and planning the best gifts for my loved ones and hopefully this guide will help you do the same. 
Here we have it, 10 girly gifts under £10. Knock yourself out.

1. Fox Eye Mask, £6, River Island
2. Red Smile Compact Mirror, £8, River Island
3. Nutella: 30 Best Recipes, £6.99, Amazon
4. Photographic Lipstick Make Up Bag, £4, Next
5. Slim Zig Zag Ring, £10, Whistles
6. Dashing Santa Bath Bomb, £2.95, Lush
7. Touchscreen Knitted Gloves, £9.50 M&S
8. Dog Print Hot Water Bottle, £10, Next
9. This Works Dream Team Duo, £10
10. Thread Wrapped Cut-Out Cuff, £8, Topshop

My particular favourite, the fox eye mask. 
Found any gifts that are just too good not to share? Pop a link below.
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Glitter Swag: New Badass Boots

Say hello to these sparkly little bad boys.

I have my gorgeous cousin to blame for these. You see, she found them on Ebay, instantly thought of me and bid on them. And they’re now all mine.

They’re so sparkly it’s almost ridiculous. Luckily, that just so happens to be the way I like my shoes. The more garish and ridiculous, the better in my books.

These tick all my boxes and more. They have an amazing chunky banana heel, shimmer constantly and are guaranteed to brighten my day. I should just point out that comfort-wise, they weren’t built for stomping around London. But hell, they sure look pretty.

So far I’ve paired them with my new oxblood midi skirt and with shorts and tights, I reckon they’ll go with anything. I’m in love.

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Want it on Wednesday: This Crazy-Incredible Aztec Duster Jacket

In case you haven’t noticed, duster jackets are kind of having a ‘moment’. Especially if you happen to be a fashion blogger.

While I haven’t yet fallen victim, with prints like these, I fear it’s only a matter of time.

This Aztec Print Duster from River Island is everything I want it to be.

It has this crazy-incredible Aztec print in tribal-like colours, it’s a relaxed fit and can be throw on as a light summer cover up.

I feel like I’ve just talked myself into buying this. Uh oh. That only means trouble.

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What I’m Wearing: Python Print Baby

I LOVE animal print. You could even go as far as saying I’m obsessed. Animal-print shoes, bags, tops, dresses, you name it, I’ve got it baby.

I haven’t worn this particular skirt in a while so I figured I’d bust it out for the day.

Every time I pull this skirt on I’m reminded just how much I like it. It instantly makes me smile. The a-line cut is super flattering, it has a crazy python print and is pretty much multicoloured goodness. What more could you want in a skirt?

For me, absolutely nothing.

What I’m Wearing:
Skirt, Lavish Alice from ASOS
Vest, Topshop
Necklace, Love Moi
Socks, Topshop
Boots, River Island
Watch, Michael Kors
Bracelet, Whistles