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The Day I Wore Patent White Brogues to Work

I wore my newish white patent brogues to work, which I should point out were a complete bargain,  and received some good reactions. I decided why not blog about it. Here’s what happened.

They got scuffed, massively. Not only by the train but by the opposite foot. I blame my Bambi-like ankles for this.

I got asked if I was a golfer. I’m not but can demonstrate a good swing technique thanks to years of listening to my dad and lil brother, both keen golfers.

Someone asked if my feet got sweaty as they noticed I wasn’t wearing socks. They didn’t but I informed them that they probably did smell.

The made me do a double take every time I looked in the full-length mirror in the ladies loo at work as they’re so bright.

This made me wonder whether I’d be able to see my face in them.

I skidded my way through Victoria station as they have zero grip on the soles.

So there you have it. The inane thoughts and comments around my beautiful new golf shoes, I mean brogues.

Find out what happened The Day I Wore Sparkly Shoes to Work.

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White-Hot Soles for Summer

Whenever Debenhams have one of their sales, I know to expect two things.

One, that my mum will casually drop me a text along the lines of “just popping to town for a look in the shops”. She dangles the carrot and like a good pony I gallop along behind. And two, that I will end up spending money when I don’t mean to. This Saturday, both things happened and I ended up the proud new owner of these two pairs of shoes. Bright white shoes.

All for total sum of £19. Now that doesn’t sound too bad does it?

The first pair are exactly what I was looking for this summer. Block heeled, peep toed and buckled up to the ankles. They take a ridiculous amount of time to put on but once on, I won’t be taking them off.

The second pair, again from Red Herring, fit the bill nicely. I’m a lover of brogues and this patent pair happen to be perfect for wearing with skirts and dresses this summer.

So sunshine, I’m ready for you. I’m not sure you’re ready for my pasty limbs and bright white shoes mind.