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Growing Up Doesn’t Scare Me Anymore

Every now and then something happens which makes me stop and take stock of my life, looking where I’m at and where I’m going.

This time that ‘something’ was the birth of one of my best friend’s babies. It’s the first baby in my closest group of friends so it felt super momentous. We now have an extra little person to think about. We’ve gone from six girls to six girls and a little guy, and it feels pretty special. We’re all so invested in his life already and ready for the group dynamics to change. Our friend now, who already struggled with time management, has an extra responsibility, an extra person to care for. Sharing and watching her go through these major milestones makes this moment even more magical.

It also makes me wonder what I want in the future. I used to firmly say I was never interested in getting married or having a family. It wasn’t something I ever dreamt of or imagined having. I didn’t care for a white dress and what I thought was just a piece of paper. Maybe that’s because my own parents are divorced or maybe it’s because I’ve always been so focused on what I wanted to do with my career that it’s kept my mind occupied. Either way, this year I feel my priorities for the future have shifted. Attending five weddings in one year can do that to you. I definitely think I’ve softened. I don’t feel so anti-marriage anymore. It was once a subject I would completely avoid talking about with anyone, especially Al, despite the fact that I’d nosily ask other friends and colleagues when they plan on tying the proverbial knot.

I’ve even started to come round on the baby side of things. Shock horror. If my mum’s reading this her eyebrows will have vanished into her hairline. Although I still need time to get used to the idea of physically carrying another person inside, as that still freaks me out hugely.

Al told me a couple of weekends ago that I dress like a walking texture toy for children and that’s why they love me. I was wearing my multi-coloured snake-print skirt, a striped top, blue faux-fur coat and red glitter boots. Each not only a different clashing colour but a different texture. I was my 3-year old honoury nephew’s (my oldest cousin’s boy) favourite play thing. And I do love playing with kids, I love listening to their nonsensical chatter, making them laugh and just having cuddles. Although right now, I can’t imagine having my own, full time. But I’m definitely not opposed to the idea anymore. In fact, I’ll go as far as telling you that Al and I might have even discussed baby names. Proof, if any, that my cold heart of stone is softening.

Now quick, someone pour me a whiskey.

Oh, and I should say that that’s little ol’ me and my gorgeous mum in the photo.

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It’s been over a month since I’ve been back from Aussie, but as of yet there have been no photos. Well that’s about to change…

This holiday was utter perfection.

The weather was a little shaky at times but overall it was the getaway needed. We got to spend two weeks in paradise, seeing family, friends and everyone in-between. Pure bliss.

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After two weeks of craziness, I’m back, again, Take That stylee.

Well all know I’m a crap blogger and rarely manage to post consistently for long periods of time. This time I have a valid excuse. I’ve only gone and moved in with the boyfriend.

We’ve been living together for two weeks now and I have to say it’s been domestic bliss. I have turned into some sort of cleaning freak that Kim and Aggie would be immensely proud of. I hang my washing on the line outside, I scrub my (two) loos with my bog brush and I pair up the not-so-new boyfs socks.

I don’t even know who I am anymore! What’s worse is I think I might actually kinda like it. Who’d have thought.

Anyway, I now have speedy internet and the perfect spot for blogging, so I should be back.

Keep your fingers crossed and we’ll see what happens.

To be continued…

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I’m Back Bitches…Sort of

This is just a quick one to say I’M BACK. Sort of.

You see, I’m back from a glorious two weeks in Western Australia, where we saw family, friends and kangaroos (pics to come), but now I’m getting ready to move house. That’s right, I’m packing up my belongings (which I hate and is taking forever!) and moving in with the not-so-new boyf.

I’m scared and feeling very grown up at the same time – I’ve bitten all my nails down, which shows just how nervous I am…. I’ve never lived with anyone except my family before.

Please forgive me as I dip in out of the blogging world, I’m in a haze of jet lag, cardboard boxes and Ikea furniture.

In the meantime any tips on packing would be greatly appreciated.

See you on the other side,
a very apprehensive Jojo

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And I’m Off….

I know that I technically haven’t been on here since Wednesday but I’m off… on holiday that is.

That’s right, I’m jetting off to Perth, Western Australia, in roughly 7 hours and I couldn’t be any more excited.

I’m currently have some serious packing nightmares. I’ve managed to get the majority of clothes I wanted in my suitcase but had forgotten that I still need to pack my wash bag and hairdryer etc. Useless. I’m going in for a second try soon.

I won’t be tweeting, on Facebook, or the blog, for just under 3 weeks – I’m already having withdrawal symptoms.

I want to enjoy my holiday in all it’s glory taking in family friends, the beach and everything sunny and glorious. This will be the-not-so-new boyf’s first time and I intend to show him the sights.

I can’t wait.

See you in May.

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Animal Madness…

Saturday night saw yet another girls night out added to my diary. Well actually it saw two events added to my diary but my inability to remember any dates meant that I’d double booked, again. I’m getting worse at checking what I’m doing and instead find myself agreeing to anything and everything lately.

Saturday started off with a girly trip to see one of the besties flats in London before dinner (and a few margaritas) at Wahaca. We then ended up in Shaka Zulu, Camden, for a work colleague’s engagement party. It was like a tribal paradise

I saw this as a prime opportunity to get the leather hotpants back out….

My work wife (as she will now be known) took me to Topshop on Friday for a little pay-day spree, which saw me buy this leopard print shirt. I love that it’s cropped at the front and then slightly longer at the back.

Teamed with suspender tights, black boots and black vest top. I was done and done.

The picture below was taken after one too many…. I remember asking some men to move over so I could pose with the statue…. Who’d have thought.

There are so many hilarious moments from this evening that I’d love to share, but if I did, I’d have to kill you. Or, my friends me.

Margaritas all round?


An Ode to My Mum

In all honesty this post would have been better fitting for Mother’s Day yesterday, but I was just too busy spoiling my mum to write it.

We spent the day with family, celebrating my mum, auntie and my cousins girlfriend, who was enjoying her first Mother’s Day.

My mum is one of my idols. She’s a very strong woman full of enthusiasm, warmth and kindness. We’ve been through a lot together, especially in the past few years, and whenever I’ve needed her she’s been there. I probably don’t say thank you enough so this post is my way of doing so.

My little bro took these pics before we went out yesterday.

As they say, like mother, like daughter.