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Do I Bring My Bangs Back?

I’ve had my hair short for a while now and am starting to get a little bit bored with it. Don’t get me wrong, I love the ease that comes with styling it and its messy bed-head vibes but I keep finding myself staring at old pictures where I have long hair and daydreaming about what it’d be like to have that back. I’ve also been dreaming of Suki Waterhouse’s bangs.

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Short Hair, Don’t Care

This weekend it finally happened. I got a bob. And I couldn’t be happier.
I feel like it was only yesterday I was telling you Why the Wavy Lob Rules but then I got hooked on Sienna Miller’s short do and decided I wanted one of my own. I browsed numerous hairdos, mulled it over with a couple of my besties and then immediately text my trusty hairdresser. I knew if I got approval from her, it was on. And it was most definitely on.

First off I have to tell you that my hair feels so much lighter. Now that it’s shorter it has more movement and body and I think gives me more of a style. Suddenly I feel more put together. We kept the base of the hair blunt with the front a little longer and then sliced into it to make it nice and choppy. Et voila.

Wanna know the best bit? I just wash, dry and go. The messier and the bigger it looks, the better. I can finally embrace the waves and the frizz, and I’m more than fine with that. I’m enjoying having fully clear shoulders but may need to invest in more scarves…

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Why the Wavy Lob Rules

Now I don’t want to say that I single handedly started this whole #cleartheshoulders trend, but I have been rocking my wavy lob since the summer. Just saying.

Then LC, that’s Lauren Conrad to those who weren’t fans of Laguna Beach, goes and gets hers chopped and suddenly it’s all anyone can talk about. Now everyone wants one.

Since I’m due a trim myself, because my hair grows faster than grass, I thought I’d share with you my hair inspo of the mo and explain just why the wavy lob rules.

As I said before, I got mine chopped back in the summer after feeling bored with my style-less medium-length hair. For ages I’d been letting it grow but it was weighty and just a bit blah, so I went in for a little update. It’s actually a lot easier to style now it’s shorter as I just blow dry, twist it round, leave it too cool and shake out. It has volume, texture and movement and is probably in the best condition it’s ever been. Shorter hair also allows me to show off my love of a backless dress even more.

And that’s why I’ve been thinking about having a couple more inches off, Sienna Miller style.

Image credit:

I honestly cannot stop looking at this image of her from the Golden Globes. I desperately want this hair. I’ve already sent this pic to my hairdresser and booked my appointment. So we shall see.

In the meantime, I’ve been pinning like crazy to my #cleartheshoulders Pinterest board. Feel free to browse…

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I Whip My Hair Back and Forth

For a while now my hair has just hung in messy waves at an indescribable length. Out of laziness and because of the sweltering heat, I’d given up on straightening and started leaving it to do it’s own frizzy thing. But I got bored. Real bored.
I had a haircut booked in and knew that I wanted and needed a couple of inches off the ends. Instead, thanks to my hair guru Chez and my amazing hairdresser Claire, I went for the chop, ending up with a longish graduated bob.

Ta da! We’ve kept it blunt at the back with it gradually becoming longer towards the front. I love it. I honestly think this my best haircut ever.

I love the way it swings when I walk. In fact I’ve been practicing dramatic head turns just to get the full swoosh.

I spent Saturday afternoon parading my new do to friends and family and received a wealth of compliments.

So thank you Chez and thank you Claire. You both rock.

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5 Celebrity Side Bangs I’d Like to Steal

This past week my bangs have been in this weird state of flux where nothing I do can help tame them. I’m a week overdue a haircut and it shows, if you look past the dark roots and sprouting greys, your eyes will instantly land upon my side bangs – I know I should say fringe but I much prefer bangs – my bangs are limp, straggly and just kind of hang there awkwardly.

I’m having an internal debate whether to just have a snip like normal or to grow my side bangs out a little so I can tuck them behind my ears. This had me trawling the web looking for inspiration. And that’s exactly what I got.

1. Emma Stone

Image source:

I am possibly Emma Stone’s biggest all-round fan. I love her. I love her in movies (Easy A and Crazy, Stupid, Love the most) I love her lip sync battle with Jimmy Fallon, I love her quick-witted humour but most of all, I love her bangs. They can transform from super glossy and coiffed to perfectly tousled.

2. Ashley Olsen

Image source:

If there’s one thing the Olsen’s always have it’s amazing hair. Especially Ashley. I’m digging this choppy side bang. It also looks fairly low maintenance, which I’m all over.
3. Sienna Miller

Image source:

From full fringe, to side bangs, Sienna knows how to work it. Mine is a similar thickness to this but would just need to be left to grow a couple of inches. But I still don’t know what happens next with it here.

4. Alexa Chung

Image source:

To have bangs this smooth is the ultimate dream. One day I will achieve bang perfection. One day.

5. Kirsten Dunst

Image source:

This is what I originally imagined, growing my side bangs out and twirling them into a kooky flick, or something. Her bangs look all mature and grown up. Am I ready for that?

I’m now more confused then when I started. Do I want to continue with a choppy side bang a la Stone or Olsen, or go for something a little more grown up and sophisticated like Dunst.

I also now want to lob a good two-to-three inches off the length… That’s another matter entirely. Why is it that when you have longer hair you want to cut it, but when you have short hair you instantly want to grow it again. Life’s full of these tough decisions.

Answers on a postcard please, I’m facing the chop this Saturday.

Side bang count = a meagre seven. Must try harder.