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New Arm Candy and it Comes with a Pom Pom

I have a friend who is a complete bag enabler. Actually, I have several. You know the type who send you a link to a luscious leather bag that’s eye-wateringly expensive but suits you to perfection. Well this particular bag enabler, we’ll call her Hills, goes one step further handing over glossy brochures, pinpointing the pages I need to focus on. And 99.9% of the time she’s right. And then I have to make a purchase.

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Want it on Wednesday: Light as a Feather

Charlotte Olympia has A LOT to answer for. Every time I dare to take a look at her latest collection I find something I want to get my hands on. This time it’s as light as a feather but the price definitely stings like a bee.

Turquoise and rose nappa, a detachable chain strap and the cutest of shapes make this Light as a Feather clutch the perfect accessory. Although at £525, it won’t be in my possession anytime soon.

But I’m not going to let a hefty price tag stop me from dreaming. Actually, it’s only served to make my want-list longer. Added to my list we now have the ABC flats, Q – Queen Bag, Cherokee heels and the Kitty Pochette in tan. I’ve let my imagination run wild. And one day, I might just get the chance to own one. That’s the real dream.

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Adding to My Whistles Collection

Something weird happens to me every time I step into Whistles. I find myself instinctively drawn to their leather goods and jewellery displays. It’s like a magnetic pull.

This time was no different. I headed straight to check out the clutches and then magically walked out of the store with this Smudge Print Chain Clutch and card holder.

I already own a baby pink and black clutch in the smaller size, but loved the print on this and the fact it comes with a chain. I can already imagine using it as my everyday bag in the summer. And, as the lovely lady on the desk told me, you can never have too many of these. And she’s right.

As for the card holder, I’ve been looking for one for a while that looked super simple and could fit in my smaller bags. This one was completely perfect.

Whistles never disappoints.

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New Spangly Arm Candy

Can a clutch count as arm candy? If so, this one bust straight in as my new favourite, taking pride of place on my shelf alongside my yet-to-be-worn Louboutins, which is no easy feat.

While I’m still mourning the loss of some clutch casualties that were ruined by damp and mould, I have to say I am enjoying building my collection back up. I spotted this clutch on ASOS a while ago and included it in my roundup 5 Sequin-Covered Beauties You Need in Your Life. I thought it was dreamy then, the mix of colours, the textured tassles, the sequins, and then I got my hands on it, thanks to HP Harman. Now it’s even better.

Back in my original post I wrote that I wanted to wear it with an all black outfit, letting the clutch do all of the talking but I’ve changed my mind. This new arm candy makes me want to layer all of my sequin-covered clothes on top of each other and twirl in the middle of a dance floor, letting the light reflect off my bounty causing some serious strobing.

A girl’s night out is currently being planned. I’m not sure they’re ready for all the sequins just yet.

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Want it on Wednesday: Glitter Box Clutch

Two posts in one week where I wang on about handbags probably proves that I have a problem but I’m just going to embrace that.

Without further ado, let me introduce you to the latest of my affections, the Louche Laurent Box Clutch.

I’m not going to lie, the shimmer sucked me in. I first set my eyes on this in Joy and immediately picked it up to check it over. It’s essentially a black hard box, covered in gold glitter with a cerise pink lining inside. It’s glorious. The perfect addition for party season.

And not like any that I currently own. What are the chances of that!

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5 Sequin-Covered Beauties You Need in Your Life

I am a complete Magpie when it comes to anything remotely sparkly. As soon as I spot something covered in sequins or even with just a hint of embellishment, I get out-of-control excited. I like to try and shoehorn a sequin in at any opportunity, but in the lead up to Christmas you’re meant to go all out. So I have.

These are the 5 sequin-covered beauties you need this Christmas. Well, I kinda want them too.

Urban Renewal Vintage Customised Levi Sequin Destroy Jeans, £40

I am in love with these jeans. At the moment I don’t have any in my wardrobe which have a more relaxed and casual fit. I love the straight cut and how they hit just above the ankle. And of course, I can’t not mention the ginormous sequin patches.

Fallen Star Sequin Top with Embroidery, £40

I’ve had my eye on this top for a while now. It looks sophisticated, feminine and simple, which I love because it is completely covered in sequins. The flowers are just beautiful and for £40, it’s an absolute steal.

ASOS Sequin Tassel Zip Top Clutch Bag. £35

I don’t even no where to begin with this one. It’s everything and then some. The mix of colours, the different sized tassels, the texture and movement, it’s killing me. This would look best with a simple all black outfit. Let the bag do all the talking.

Goldie Ambitious Maroon Sequin Dress, £68

First off, let’s all just take a moment to appreciate the delicious maroon colour. Then the fact that the colour is enhanced by hundreds of sequins, cute tee sleeves, cut outs around the shoulders and a skater skirt. It’s a definite ‘me’ dress.

Topshop Velvet Sequin Shorts, £36

I’ve saved these for last so I could write the rest of the post before losing it completely over these shorts. When velvet and sequins collide it makes me extremely happy. These are definite party pants and ones that I would love to dance in.

Personally, I’m majorly crushing on the clutch and the hot pants. But I bet you already knew that, didn’t you.

Found any sequins you like? Share them below.

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They’re Grrreat

When I was younger my biggest dilemma in life was whether to have Frosties or Coco Pops for breakfast. It was a tough toss up between beautifully crisp, sugar-coated flakes of goodness or the cereal with special powers turning the milk chocolaty. I couldn’t even pick now.

Which is why Anya Hindmarch has made my life so much more difficult.

I don’t know how I’m only just stumbling across these incredible clutches now but I am and I’m in love.

In fact, they’re grrreat!

Frosties Imperial Clutch, £995

When he saw the milk go chocolaty he jumped right in…

Coco Pops Imperial Clutch, £995

I realise that a box of cereal is a helluva lot cheaper than these clutches BUT it wouldn’t look the same with a cardboard box tucked under my arm would it…