How CBT Has Already Helped My IBS

A weird thing has happened over the past three weeks, I’ve completely forgotten about my IBS. It wasn’t until my therapist asked me how it had been at my latest session, that I realised I haven’t had an IBS flare once over the past three weeks. Shit. What’s more, it’s barely registered in my thoughts. I haven’t been obsessing over symptoms, worrying about being near a loo or meticulously looking at what I was eating. For me, this is a pretty big deal. A pretty big fucking deal, if you will. There are a number of things which in the past have triggered a flare but this time have barely registered in my system. And I have CBT to thank for that. I’ve been practising new techniques, generally putting myself first and accepting that I can’t control everything. I’ve had a fair bit of upheaval over the past couple of weeks and those situations would have usually sent me down a slippery slope of worrying, which would lead to severe IBS symptoms. The bloat, cramps, urgent evacuations. You know the score. But haven’t. At all. I went to three different restaurants without checking the menu online first. This is almost unheard … Continue reading How CBT Has Already Helped My IBS