An Honest Account of How I’m Feeling 5 Weeks into CBT

I’m 5 weeks into CBT for my anxiety and boy, do I feel different. Suddenly I feel more aware of everything. I’m seeing new things. Appreciating new smells and textures. And I’m allowing myself to really embrace my emotions. I’m accepting the days where my IBS has left me feeling drained. If circumstances are out of my control I can find a way out of that initial frustration and start problem solving. I feel more myself then I have in years, actually. I understand myself. Know what it is I need. How to listen to myself. Show myself some self care. I have the tools I need and know how to use them. Which one will help with what. Whether that be attention training, meditation or worry postponement.  I’m answering the question, “how are you?” to the ones who know me best, in more detail than ever before.  It’s been a fucking journey and a half but man, has it been worth it.  The hardest thing I ever did was say I needed help. It’s also been the best thing.  The above picture was taken moments before posting this, without any preening of faff, in my favourite corner of the flat. Thanks … Continue reading An Honest Account of How I’m Feeling 5 Weeks into CBT