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When I get an email announcing a new fashion label I get excited. When I get an email announcing a new fashion label, with images of their latest collection and asking to meet up, I practically fall off my seat in excitement. That’s exactly how it all started with Lisa Engelhardt from OM Label.

We started emailing back and forth and decided that rather than just emailing questions and uploading her product shots, we should meet, run a proper profile, and here’s the best bit, shoot me in some of the collection. I absolutely love finding new labels and couldn’t miss an opportunity like this. So, a couple of weeks ago now, I went to Lisa’s London flat and had the time of my life trying on the three looks below and finding out exactly how it all started…

Singlet Dress, OM Label. Shoes, Bertie. Necklace, Love Moi Boutique.

How it Started
After graduating in fine arts in Melbourne, Australia, Lisa experimented silk-screening hand drawings and illustrations onto fabrics under the name Orchis Morio and succeeded in selling them as fabrics for interior products. Following this success, Lisa collaborated with artist and fashion designer Lucille Nolan, to start creating garments for their first collection, Midnight Citrus and just like that, OM Label had begun.

OM is a fashion label that produces unique wearable art pieces with a focus on using expressive print to complement the confident feminine silhouette. Each printed piece has it’s own story of how the fabric design developed, with a continual back and forth dialogue between print design and construction. OM is about how style can be expressed through print, but classically restrained in design.

What was your inspiration behind the Midnight Citrus collection?
Southeast Asia, summery colours and brightness. Melbourne has a tendency towards a neutral colour palette, whereas Southeast Asia is bright, the way people dress is different to Melbourne. I developed this idea of citrus fruits, freshness and rejuvenation but wanted a contrast, a day and night theme. The midnight part came from the Tokyo cityscape.

What’s your go-to outfit?
I’m a printed top kind of girl, so it’d have to be the Midnight Singlet Top and jeans. Something I can wear day to night.

 Singlet Top, OM Label. Trousers, Miss Selfridge. Shoes, Dune. Necklace, Love Moi Boutique.

Who are your favourite designers?
I love Sibling for their knitwear, prints, colours and art direction. Matthew Williamson as his colour patterns are outstanding and Jonathan Saunders as he started with a print textile background.

One staple you can’t leave the house without?
I’m a jacket girl so a bomber or blazer. I like a girly look with a masculine blazer.

Can you tell us what’s in store for the next collection?
It’s called Galaxy Parade and was inspired by space and adventures into black holes. It’s whimsical and inspired by NASA imagery featuring pastel colours like pinks and greys.

Shift Dress, OM Label. Shoes, Bertie. Necklace, Love Moi Boutique.

How do you start a new collection?
I like to tell a story, a narrative. The hardest thing for me is finding a contrast, always countering each other. I like taking a simple theme and giving it a twist. I then start buy researching colours.

Three things you’re loving right now?
Tortoiseshell sunglasses handmade by Italian brand RetroSuperFuture, my summer beauty staple, Olay’s BB cream and filtered water!

I just want to thank Lisa as I had a great time and loved, loved, loved her current collection.

If you like the look of what you see, head over to the OM Label website for a browse.


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