My favourite subject OR

If I was to appear on Question Time my specialist subject would have to be Olivia Rubin. I think by now you all know that I am obsessed, and with good reason. 
Her dresses just look damn hot on a woman. As soon as you put the dress on you feel like a completely different person, you exude confidence. I have even managed to get my red brown haired cousin into the OR. 
With the arrival of the new S/S11 collection online, you can guess how excited this made me. I just have to share my key pieces with you.
At the top of my list is this Love zebra dress
The mix of hot pink and tan for the stripes would work well on any skin tone. The shoulders are waistband, the gathering over the bust and the split on the leg make me fall in love instantly with this dress.
My second favourite is the Teardrop dress
From the quirky print, which OR is becoming renowned for, to the cute cutout, it would look equally good with heels or flat sandals. This one is top of the brown haired cousins list.
Olivia’s inspiration for SS11 came from the sculptures of Henry Moore combined with the delicate mobiles of Alexander Calder. This resulted in a blend of intricate patterns and smooth shapes in contrasting pastels and fluorescent hues. With Olivia it’s always about making the most of the female form, whether it’s highlighted through different textures, cutouts or colours.
I have two other key pieces from this collection which I am dying to get my hands on, conveniently they are both photographed together…it’s as if she knew…
The above image shows the Bubble jacket and the Expose short. The jacket is the perfect length for summer and can be worn over anything. The shorts, well I don’t have any words that could explain how much I want them.
What SS/11 pieces have you set your hearts on?

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  1. Avatar daisychain says:

    LOVE the Zebra dress, I'd never really looked at Olivia Rubin before your blog, now I'm obsessed x

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