Feeling hot hot hot….

So I’ve recently returned from my second holiday of the year…I visted the hot, hot, hot Sharm el Sheikh. I got a little bit of a tan, rode a camel (scary) and got attacked by coral while snorkling (which will explain the scars on my legs in the below pics).

Anyways I bought myself a couple of new frocks before holiday and just fancied showing one off….

This one was perfect for the evenings, it actually reminds me a bit of one of SJP’s dresses for Halston…


The ruffles, the tiers, the peachy colour and the fact that when you twirl round really fast the layers spin out, all make this my favourite dress for summer partying….Plus the fact that I think it only cost around £30 from H&M.

Loves it.

What’s your summer dress of choice?


2 responses to “Feeling hot hot hot….”

  1. Avatar kirstyb says:

    in love with that dress xxxx

  2. Avatar RedHead says:

    I have an H&M dress that's basically a direct copy of the one Carrie wears in the SATC show title sequence. Still not worn it. Must do that.

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