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3 Ways to Wear a Faux-Leather Pleated Midi Skirt

I broke my shopping ban and bought a skirt.

It’s not just any skirt, this is a Zara faux-leather midi skirt with soft pleats in a gorgeous oxblood colour. And it was all K.O Rasoi’s fault. Yes it was. She dangled this carrot in front of my face and I trotted straight towards it. Happily.

It’s a beaut of a skirt, and one that I know I can get a lot of wear out of. I have a soft spot for faux leather. To prove to myself that I needed this, I styled it in three different ways. A girl’s gotta know her CPW. That’s cost per wear by the way.

With All Black Lace…

First up, I wanted to check that I could pair this skirt with flats as well as heels. It felt only right to top the look off with a lot of lace, both with my jumper and tights. It’s slightly gothic, especially with a slick of deep plum lipstick.

Obviously I had to twirl. It just tends to happen when I wear a skirt like this.

What I’m Wearing:
Shirt, Zara
Vest, ASOS
Jumper, Warehouse
Brogues, Topshop
Necklace, Auzzie shop that I can’t remember

Watch, Michael Kors

Cuff, Whistles
With My Boy’s White Shirt…
I love wearing my boyfriend’s white shirt. While I appreciate that it’s not always the most flattering due to it being oversized and built for a boy, I don’t particularly care.
I love the crisp, stiff white of the shirt against the supple and soft faux leather. It’s a simple but effective outfit for me and makes me look like I’ve got my shit together. And I’m all for that.
I also need to bust these heels out more often. I had completely forgotten about them.
What I’m Wearing:
Skirt, Zara
Shirt, Al’s 
Heels, Kurt Geiger
Necklaces, Forever 21

Watch, Michael Kors

Cuff, Whistles

With a Casual Rock Tee…

I know what you’re thinking, that I wear this tee far too often as it has featured in nearly all my blog pics recently but I just can’t help myself. It’s oversized (mainly because it used to be Al’s brothers and then his, and now mine), it’s made of the softest cotton and it sparkles. Case made your honour.

I feel like this outfit is definitely the most ‘me’ and one I’ll wear a lot. Probably because I’ve paired this outfit with my BRAND NEW GLITTER BOOTS. And glitter socks. Hell yeah, I went all out.

What I’m Wearing:
Skirt, Zara
Tee, Al’s 
Heels, Ebay – River Island
Socks, Topshop

Watch, Michael Kors

Cuff, Whistles

Ahhhhhh, I’m in love. Although I am very aware that I need to make sure I don’t tuck too much extra material into the top of the skirt as I don’t want to look too hippy. Or 6 months pregnant. Which isn’t the case but due to my IBS does happen. What a way to end a post.

Picked up a new skirt? I want to know about it. How do you wear yours?

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What I Wore Today: Checkerboard Dressing

For a while now I’ve been wishing that the weather would just hurry up and turn cold already. Today my wishes were answered.

This morning I got to pull out thick black tights, my trusty Topshop brogues and my animal-print Zara coat, which probably makes me happier then it should.
You see, I’m just one of those weird people who loves winter. I like the cold. I love throwing on as many layers as possible and looking like the Michelin man. I look forward to wrapping giant scarves round my neck and pulling on a garishly-jewelled beanie. 
Winter is the time my wardrobe – full of printed, long-sleeved shirts, chunky jumpers, wool dresses, leather skirts, shorts and trousers – gets to shine. 
And I fully intend on reveling in that fact. 
What I’m Wearing:
Coat, Zara
Shirt, Forever 21
Skirt, Matalan
Tights, Tesco
Brogues, Topshop
Necklaces, Forever 21
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5 Embellished Jumpers You Need for January

I am a big fan of over-sized chunky jumpers and a love nothing more in life than a bit of embellishment, so when the two things combine, I couldn’t be happier. A jumper for me can be elevated into something smarter and more elegant when a bit of sparkle is involved.

I’ve picked my top five jumpers to make sure you’re sparkling through January.

1. Thakoon Addition Sequined Mesh and Cotton-Jersey Sweater, £232

This is my top pick of the bunch. I love the juxtaposition of the cute spots against the black sequins around the neck. It’s cute and classy and would look perfect with some slim trousers or jeans. Want to dress it up? Pair it with a flirty leather skirt. Perfection.

2. Markus Lupfer Lips Sequined Knitted Sweater, £282

This post wouldn’t feel complete unless it included a sequined sweater from Markus Lupfer. This one has it all. It’s bright pink and has a gloriously big and sexy sparkly mouth on it. What more could you ask for?

3. Donna Karan Sequin-embellished Crochet Cashmere-blend Sweater, £368.75

This Donna Karan number is what my dreams are made of. It’s pure silver-sparkling heaven. It’s so decadent it almost hurts the eyes, but I love it. It’s on the expensive side, so for me, long may the dreams continue…

4. Zara Diamante Embellished Sweat, £29.99

Zara is great for fashion-forward pieces at affordable prices and this jumper is just that. It’s thick and chunky with intricate knitted panels running down the front, which wouldn’t look complete unless covered in sequins. It would be rude not to.

5. ASOS Embellished Neck Jumper, £35

The final in my top five is this simple ASOS sweat. It’s a subtle but effective take on embellishment with the flower detail around the neck. It’s also cheap, cheap, cheap.

Which jumper would you pick?


Recently Purchased: My New Zara Winter Coat

As you know I am almost always on the quest for the perfect winter coat, which is why, to the not-so-new boyfriend’s despair, I have a wardrobe full of coats and jackets. I have leather, I have wool, I have a cape, I have a mac, I have a camel one, a pink one and one that people like to pet. But what I didn’t have, was a big, cosy black one.

Until now… This Zara number ticks all my boxes.

Skirt, Matalan. Brick Print tee, Olivia Rubin. Jumper, Warehouse. Coat, Zara. Shoes, Topshop.

It’s black, heavy and structured, has a leather lapel, zip pockets and a diagonal front zip. It goes with everything, from skinny jeans and jumpers to skirts and shirts. It has this tough edge which I like. I don’t like to wear it zipped up as I prefer to wind a massive scarf round my neck. Want to hear the best bit? My not-so-new boyfriend very kindly bought it for me.

Have you got your winter coat yet? What style did you go for?

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Footwear Fancy: Zara Flat Ankle Boots

With the weather getting grottier by the day, it was only a matter of time before my need for some flat, black ankle boots intensified. I do have a cheapo pair from Matalan which have lasted surprisingly well but they sit too high on my ankle and flap every time I walk.

What I really want is a simple pair which just cover my big boney ankle and will look good with skinny jeans and a dress and tights combo. I want to be able to run for the train in them, stomp around London and smarten them up for work.

I think these Zara boots tick all my boxes.

They remind me of a cowboy but I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing. Ye Ha.

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Want it on Wednesday: Zara Coat with Appliqués on the Sleeve

I have to say Zara are busting out the coats for winter. They have a great range, of which I want at least three.

Today I’ve manged to narrow it down to just one. Enter the appliqué sleeve.

This coat is so simple and beautiful, look at the way it just hangs off the body. The studs on the sleeves give it a more on-trend military look, while the navy wool makes it look expensive.

My only worry is that everyone will be wearing this coat come winter. Especially when it’s only £129.

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The Perfect Summer Jacket by Zara

This weekend the not-so-new boyf and I decided to pop to the shops to see what we could get for our new pad. Obviously this revolved around home ware, think cushions, storage units and curtains. Of course what we actually bought included light shades and a wash bin, but hey, every little helps!

I have to admit that I found it ridiculously hard to go shopping and not actually go inside any clothes shops. This whole renting thing is a bit like torture. I find that if I even look in a shop I see about twenty things I want to buy. Why is this always the way when you don’t have any money!

Anyway, I just so happened to stumble into Zara and fall in love with this jacket. Behold, the perfect summer jacket.

From afar I thought it was leather but in fact it’s a thick linen. It’s double breasted, full of zips and has studded lapels. It’s also in the most amazing mint colour.

I had to have it. And that’s where all the problems started.

You see the not-so-new boyf (who I really need a new name for) offered to buy me the jacket as a little prezzie – ah shucks – so we joined the long queue ready to pay. By this point you can imagine how excited I was. Please remember that I have not bought any item of clothing for maybe two months now – which is something of a breakthrough for me. It’s safe to say I was bouncing up and down stroking the jacket counting down the minutes until I could parade it round the rest of the shops. All was well until we actually paid for it.

It was at this crucial stage that the not-so-new boyf noticed a hole in my lovely new jacket. In fact it wasn’t just one hole but quite a few, big holes at the seams. Obviously we had to return it on the spot and obviously there were no others left in my size, so we left empty handed.

What an absolute buzz kill.

Now here’s my dilemma dear readers. You see I really, really, really like this jacket but don’t have £60 to just throw around. I’m scared that it might be a shoddy jacket that’ll last a few wears and then start to unravel.

Should I spend or save? Over to you…

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Lovin’ them gloves

Went out for a girlie night a while ago now but keep being drawn back to memories of posing Top Model stylee with a friends new pair of leather gloves. I have never really been a fan of gloves as I find it impossible to do anything with them on but I must confess, these changed my mind…
Modelled here by lovely lil friend Lisa (top two) and myself, I like the dramatic effect the black and white pics create. Plus it made me rush out and invest in these..well when I say rush out I mean pop online…details details..

Both pairs are from ASOS, my beloved site, and were fairly cheap. The long black studded gloves look their best when matched with my knitted cape jumper. They are the perfect length to stop the cold getting to me.

Whereas I like wearing the short blue frilled gloves with my battered green Zara leather jacket. Unfortunately by this point my camera batteries died…damn technology