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My 5 Staple Winter Coats

I have a slight coat obsession. Hands up, it’s actually a rather large one. Every year I spot a new colour or cut that I just can’t live without and so my collection grows. This year, I had to put a stop to my purchases (buying a house costs a flaming fortune) and dust off some trusty faithfuls.

Here are the five coats I just can’t live without.

The Cape

Now I had to do a lot of dusting as I pulled this one out of the deepest, darkest backs of my wardrobe.   In all honesty, I think I’d forgotten just how amazing a good cape can be. First of all, a cape always looks chic. Secondly, you can wear whatever the hell you want underneath and you don’t have to worry about looking bulky. This pleases me immensely as I love to layer. Mine is a super old Topshop find. I love the dramatics a cape can bring, it also makes me laugh hysterically when I try to hold on to a pole on the train or open a window and clobber other passengers with the bat wings. Get cape, wear cape, fly.

The Furry One

This is possibly my favourite one of all, but shush, don’t let the other ones hear. Every time I wear this I feel like the Cookie Monster with blue fur everywhere. It’s a simple no-frills kinda coat. I love the round neck and the way the hem turns under the bum at the back.

The Animal Print

There is nothing that makes me smile more in life than animal print. I would wear it head to toe if I could. This is my everyday coat, it’s over-sized, has a big lapel, and is two tone, starting with the print and moving into black. It’s gorgeous and I pretty much live in it.

The Camel Coat

Camel coats had their big moment last year, which I think, is when I became the proud owner of this Ted Baker version. It’s shorter than all the others and probably more of a dress coat. It has a huge collar, massive belt and really bloody long sleeves that I always wrestle with. It also has the most beautiful silk lining. Yes, it’s the little things that please me the most.

The Parka

This is essentially my make-me-a-member-of-E17 coat. I won this Pinko number last year which was the best result ever. It’s kind of garish with it’s camo print, huge hood and general shiny manner, which all only makes me want to bust it out more.

There you have it. These are the five coats that I keep circulating in the colder weather. 
P.S Can you tell that I didn’t particularly want to look at the camera today…
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My Trusty Cold-Weather Skirts

I have three skirts which, when worn with suitable layers and thick black tights, can get me through any situation no matter how miserable the weather is outside. These are my reliable and trusty cold-weather skirts.

First up, a pop of colour…

Pink Tulip Skirt

This skirt always reminds me of a giant Quality Street. It’s bright pink, shiny looking and in the shape of a bubbled tulip. It’s perfect for tucking tops or jumpers in to. It’s a definite stand-out item.

Whenever I put this on I feel instantly more glam. I love the folds and pleats in this skirt and the way it bubbles under at the bottom.

What I’m Wearing:
Skirt, ASOS
Jumper, Warehouse
Belt, ASOS
Boots, River Island
Necklace, present
Watch, Michael Kors

Leather Skater Skirt:

If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know that I love a skater skirt. It’s my go-to and fall-back skirt. If in doubt, choose skater. That’s my motto.

This one is a tad too big for me around the waist, but when belted tightly, it’s the best.

What I’m Wearing:
Skirt, Warehouse
Shirt, Phillip Lim for Target
Belt, ASOS
Brogues, Topshop

Animal Print A-Line Skirt

Every time I wear this skirt, the compliments roll in. It’s garish, in-your-face, covered in a mix of snake and leopard print and has deep pockets. It’s perfection in a skirt.

I like pairing it with something equally as bold, just because I can.

What I’m Wearing:
Skirt, Lavish Alice at ASOS
Tee, pinched from Al
Boots, Emma Cook for Topshop
Necklace, Love Moi
Watch, Michael Kors

Do you have a trusty winter skirt?

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Is This the Cosiest Jumper of All Time?

I think it just might be.

My first thought was my God, doesn’t that look soft. My second thought was how the jumper looks the perfect balance between oversized and fitted, if you see what I mean. My third thought was Christ, I really need to get this in my life. 
In case you were wondering, this Carla Sweater is from a Danish brand called Just Female. 
I love the way it hangs and hugs the frame but still shows that you have a shape beneath. Perfect. I can already imagine it being chucked over skinny jeans, skirts, dresses…. Anything really.
Of course, they all have to be sold out. That’s just my luck. Especially as I want to throw the charcoal one on now and never take it off. I’ve even signed up to receive an email when they come back in stock. That’s how much I want it.
Get yours here. Just not before me please.
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What I Wore Today: Checkerboard Dressing

For a while now I’ve been wishing that the weather would just hurry up and turn cold already. Today my wishes were answered.

This morning I got to pull out thick black tights, my trusty Topshop brogues and my animal-print Zara coat, which probably makes me happier then it should.
You see, I’m just one of those weird people who loves winter. I like the cold. I love throwing on as many layers as possible and looking like the Michelin man. I look forward to wrapping giant scarves round my neck and pulling on a garishly-jewelled beanie. 
Winter is the time my wardrobe – full of printed, long-sleeved shirts, chunky jumpers, wool dresses, leather skirts, shorts and trousers – gets to shine. 
And I fully intend on reveling in that fact. 
What I’m Wearing:
Coat, Zara
Shirt, Forever 21
Skirt, Matalan
Tights, Tesco
Brogues, Topshop
Necklaces, Forever 21
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Equip Yo’ Self

I have a soft spot for shirts. They are my go-to item as the weather gets cooler and a sure-fire hit for success. You can wear them over skinny jeans, tucked into skirts, buttoned up to the neck or casually with the sleeves rolled.

I’ve been majorly crushing on Equipment for their delicious range of soft silk shirts and feminine prints and whittled my selection down to my three favourites.

1. Equipment Snakeskin Effect Shirt, £305.60
2. Equipment Daisy Shirt, £263.74
3. Equipment Butterfly Shirt, £284.67

If I had to pick the ultimate shirt from the three above, it’s easily number two, the one covered in big daisies. In fact, I quite like the skirt it’s tucked into too…

Obviously the snakeskin one comes a close second but there’s just something so cheerful about seeing daisies, I can’t stop smiling. And that’s exactly what I want from an outfit.

View all Equipment shirts here and let me know which one you fancy wearing below.

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Help! I’m Addicted to a Garish Wedged-Heeled Boot

This definitely looks like a criminal lineup in my overgrown garden.

And to some extent, it is. You see, these boots are all guilty of the following crimes:

1. Being massively clunky, chunky boots
2. Wearing animal print well
3. Having a wedged heel
4. Being super obnoxious
5. Not caring who they stomp over

I’ve been organising my shoe collection now we’ve moved house and while stacking box upon box, I realised just how many pairs of wedged boots I actually own. It’s no secret that I am a wedge fan across all seasons, as I’m ridiculously clumsy and have Bambi-like ankles, but you can definitely say and see that I have a type.

I like my mine animal-printed, made in suede or pony skin and covered in heavy buckles, or even better, fringing.

One thing’s for sure they have to be bold, brash and completely garish, otherwise I’m just not interested.

The following shoes have been sentenced to a life sentence of being worn throughout winter.

From left to right:
Faith Sabrina boots in tan
Emma Cook for Topshop maroon fringed boots
Kurt Geiger Viper pony boots

Judge rules.

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Dear Oscar, I’ll Take One Coat

Dear Oscar,
I’ve been meaning to write to you for a while. You see I’m a sucker for a jewel colour, floral print and all-out glamour, which you just seem to get. 
You put decadence on a whole other level. You knock glamour out the ball park. You are my hero.
But what came as a surprise to me, although it probably shouldn’t have, is just how gorgeous and sexy you make coats look. The coat in question is a truly beautiful number with kinky leather arms (wink wink) and a cashgora (that’s a cashmere, angora and fleece wool blend) belted body. It nips you in at the waist and then falls flatteringly over your hips before finishing with a gratifying swing. Perfection.

All you need is the coat and a pair of CFM heels and you’re ready for anything. 

Oscar, nobody does it quite like you and for that I am truly grateful. But, charging me $4,190 for the pleasure, that’s not ok. We definitely need to talk.
Call me.
(The one you made the coat for. But you already knew that didn’t you.)

Oh, and you can get yours here if you’re curious…