My Soon-to-be Liquorish Mini Orange Satchel

I’ve been looking for a new handbag for a little while now. Although, I’ve not really had any idea of what I’m actually ‘looking’ for. I find that I usually know exactly what I want. Normally it’s fairly simple, I might need a quirky clutch for a night out or maybe a large tote for work. This time, nada.

I’ve been drooling over a few Cambridge satchels, in particular a fluro pink version but, as badly as I want it, I just don’t have the funds to justify it. Heartbreaking stuff.

Anyway, I was having a browse of the ASOS sale (I’m pretty sure we all know where this post is going) and just so happened to click upon this little beaut. Ta da…

Liquorish Hard Mini Satchel

I’ve never heard of the brand Liquorish before but this mini satchel made my heart jump.

It’s cute and compact, meaning I won’t over-stuff, something I constantly do. It’s a brilliant bright orange, which means it will clash with 80% of my wardrobe, something I’m happy to do. And at £30 in the ASOS sale, it’s so cheap it’s almost a crime. OK, so it’s not real leather but hey, what do I care.

Technically I have to admit it didn’t cost me a penny as the rather generous not-so-new boyf ordered it for me. It’ll be winging it’s way into my arms Thursday. Stay tuned.

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A/W Topshop Wants

I don’t know about you but I can’t wait for autumn to kick in. I’m longing to whip out my tights, boots and winter coats. I want to go for long walks wrapped in scarves, kicking leaves off the path as we go.

It’s about now that I start browsing my favourite sites, working out what I want to buy to get me through the colder months.

First up Topshop.
And I want it all…

A/W Topshop Wants

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Want it on Wednesday: Jonathan Saunders Renton Star-Print Dress

Before I even begin to describe my love for this dress, I recommend you spend some time taking it all in. Take note of the bright turquoise colour, the bold floral/star print, the nipped in waist and the flare of the skirt from the hips. See how it hits the knee at the most flattering point. Ahhhhhh.

This Jonathan Saunders Renton Star-Print Dress is just beautiful. What’s even better is it’s been reduced from £750 to £450 in the Matches sale.

I have the perfect pair of tan suede wedges and skinny belt to go with this dress. That’s what makes not having it even harder.

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Want it on Wednesday: Alexander Wang Kirsten Buckled Suede Tote

How the hell did we get to August so fast? Have June and July really passed me by in some sort of massively blurry haze? I mean next it’ll be a countdown to Christmas… (of course I’ve already started – 145 days to go)

Seeing as I’m not very patient, you know I wouldn’t be able to wait that long for this beaut.

This bag is not any bag. No. It’s an Alexander Wang Kirsten Buckled Suede Tote bag. What a mouthful.

Other than the fact that it’s perfect. Is dripping in buckles. Is off white (who said I needed something practical?) It’s also heavily discounted on The Outnet right now. Hello £352. Come to mumma.

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Wishing on a Star…

I am blaming this post on my fashion partner in crime. You see, she has a couple of tattoos and now I want one.

That’s not strictly true. I’ve wanted one for a while now but for various reasons, mainly me being a big wimp, I haven’t had the balls to get one.

I am not only petrified of the pain but am conscious that if I get inked, it will stay with me for the rest of my life. That’s why I’m not taking this lightly.

I’ve always wanted stars, before you start judging me let me explain why. My grandad was my ultimate hero. I worshiped the ground he walked on and was devastated when he died. The one thing that I always remember is my mum telling me that if I looked into the sky at night and found the brightest star, that would be him, looking down on me.