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The Sandal Edit

It’s about this time every year that I realise I’ve worn any sandals that I do own to absolute death, meaning I have nothing remotely sandal-like to grace my feet when the sun comes out. This can only mean it’s time for the sandal edit, which is basically just an excuse for a spot of online shopping.

There are five categories of sandals that float my boat…

The Tough and Chunky

I’ll happily admit that I’m obsessed with Finery. For me they’re not only killing florals, but their shoes are perfect for lovers of chunky heels, block colours and a masculine feel, which is me all over. Finery describe these Leander Leather Ankle Strap Sandals as a ‘shandal’, the love child of a shoe and a sandal. They’re tough and bold, with their thick platform and hefty leather detail around the ankle. Throw them on with a pretty sundress to show them off properly.

The Classic Sliders

These ASOS Fendall Footbed Leather Sliders the pair that I can imagine reaching for the most this summer. Classic, comfortable and can be worn with absolutely anything. I have my eye on a pair of printed trousers that they’d work particularly well with. Also, Al and I have a holiday booked for September and you can’t beat a slider by the pool. Look out for that Instagram photo.

The All-Out Glitz

The magpie in me has shown my love for all things beaded, glitzy and technicoloured in these Park Lane Jewel Sliders. With metallic straps covered in a dreamy mix of sequins, jewels and beads all on top of a cork sole, I feel like my life is complete. These are all the glitz and more that I’ve been looking for.

The Tan Fringe

You can never go wrong with a spot of fringing, especially if it’s tan. If your going for the ’70s vibe this summer, than these Fringed Flat Leather Sandals are the pair for you. No question. No doubt. All you need are some crochet and fares and you’re ready.

The Wild Card

This post just wouldn’t feel right if there was no hint of animal print whatsoever. So here it is, in the form of ASOS Flick Leather Sliders. I like the way the leather straps crossover meaning not too much toe is exposed. I’m not really a toe fan and much prefer mine to be slightly more covered if possible. These are simple, sophisticated and not too garish, not sure I’ve ever written that sentence before.

There’s a definite slider theme going on this year.

Which ones would you pick?

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Victoria Beckham is My Workwear Hero

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the colder months. I like wrapping up in layer upon layer, oversize jumpers and thick woollen trousers, that’s my jam. Which is why Victoria Beckham and her Resort 2016 collection is my hero.

I have three words for you, red ribbon tweed. Just look at how beautifully cut the straight-legged trousers are, finishing just above the ankle. Look at the way the oversized coat hangs perfectly, just hitting the knee. If it’s good enough for VB to wear at the airport then it’s more than good enough for me.

There are sequins too, in the form of a fitted shirt or blazer, depending how you look at it. Pair the sequins with tailored black cigarette pants that again end at the ankles, and VB’s just spoiling me now.

As for my love of oversized jumpers, well, she’s obviously ticked that box.

Look at the voluminous sleeves and the way the heavy knit is tucked into that delicious cream asymmetrical skirt. This makes me very excited for autumn to roll round. I’m totally ready for it.

View the full collection at


3 Ways to Wear Mom Jeans

Let me just start by saying that you don’t have to be a mum to wear mom jeans. OK.

There are three reasons I’ve fallen in love with them. One, they’re actually high-waisted on me which due to my long torso, never happens. Two, they’ve got that whole beaten-up, slouchy vibe going on. Three, They can be worn with anything.

I’ve styled them three different ways so you can see just how versatile they are.

With a Classic Breton


I’m not going to lie, this has become my fail-safe weekend outfit. Firstly, you can’t ever go wrong with a striped top. Secondly, it looks even better when tucked into these high-waisted babies. It’s a casual, run-to-the-shops-then-straight-to-lunch outfit. It’s reliable, fail safe and bloody easy. That’s all you want at the weekend.

Obviously I had to add a pair of leopard-print sequin trainers into the mix.

Top, Topshop. Mom jeans, Topshop. Trainers, Kurt Geiger.

With a White Shirt

I have an obsession with borrowing Al’s clothes, in particular his shirts. I reached for his classic white one this time, rolled the sleeves, popped the collar and roughly tucked it in. Sorted.I also pulled out this sleeveless jacket which I got a little while back. It pulls this whole look together and gives a hint of sophistication. Add to that mix my shiny new white heels and we’re laughing. Perfect for a day in the office.

Shirt, Al’s. Sleeveless jacket, Topshop. Mom jeans, Topshop. Heels, Red Herring for Debenhams.

With a Crop Top


Crop tops scare the actual crap out of me. I figured since I wore them the first time round (when I was in my early teens) that I shouldn’t wear them again. And then I just so happened to feel brave – or stupid – enough to order one before Christmas to pair with my shimmering turquoise mermaid skirt.

And I wore it. Actually put it on and left the house. Well OK, I put it on at work and wore it to a Christmas party where I knew the lights would be dimmed. But I still wore it. Technically you could see about half an inch of stomach which I could cope with. This time though I’ve gone all out. I’m aware that while this might be out of my comfort zone and not the most flattering on me, I wanted to show that you can pair these two together. If I can, you definitely can.

Crop top, ASOS. Mom jeans, Topshop. Lace socks, Accessorize. Brogues, Clarks.There you have it. How do you style yours?

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5 Reasons Why Jenna Lyons is the Actual Queen of F**king Everything

There are many reasons why I think Jenna Lyons is the absolute queen of f**king everything. Far too many to list out here but I’ll give you the highlights. She’s turned J. Crew into a cult brand, wore feathers to Solange’s wedding and tells it like it is in interviews like this one in Bazaar. She is my ultimate hero and a massive inspiration as a successful woman.

I’ve been waiting to see the full collection from New York Fashion Week after falling in love several times when sneaking peeks on Instagram. I wasn’t disappointed. In fact, this fall collection looks exactly like my dreams. The only problem now is that I want it all and have to wait patiently for it.

There are five looks which have completely nailed it. Have at it.

Vibrant yellow faux-fur lined parkas with whopping great big pockets, a humongous collar and a military feel.

A pastel pink hooded jacket casually layered over a multicoloured feather skirt.

Chunky knitted jumpers half tucked into suede skirts with long fringing. Imagine the swoosh factor.

Trouser so wide they begin to look like voluminous skirts and shirts covered in metallic embellishments.

And finally, glistening sequin floor-length skirts worn underneath casual denim shirts belted at the waist.

These five moments alone have made me want to head straight online and that is why she is the Queen of f**king everything. Jenna Lyons, I salute you.

You’d be a fool not to check out the full collection here.

Images courtesy of

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New Sequins: How You Know Your Bestie Gets You

You know your best mate just gets you when she buys a garish sequin-covered backless top for your birthday.

When handing over this number, she pre-warned me and I quote said, “it’s quite garish, just say if you don’t like it.”

But I didn’t just like it, I loved it. Garish sequins are what I live for. That and sparkly socks, which she also gave me.

This top is a fabulous mix of pinks, oranges and blues, creating a mesmerising shimmer that you can’t take your eyes off. If the Little Mermaid wore a top, I feel like it’d look like this. It’s a thing of shimmering beauty and that’s before you check out the back.

The front screams party, party, party, dying to show off under flashing lights, while the back wants to be propped up at a bar, seductively flashing a bit of skin. It’s a match made in my wardrobe heaven. I love sequins and I love backless clothes. When the two collide in such a fashion, my work here is done.

All I need now is an excuse to wear it out the house. Get your sunglasses ready, I’m coming for ya.

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3 House of Holland Dresses That I Need Now

I love when House of Holland have a sale as I am a massive fan of the garish colours, bold embellishment and cute slogans. I love HOH so much, I will always pick out my sale highlights even though I never have the funds to make the all-important purchase.

Today, my three favourites all happen to be pink.

Aurora Dress, £187

The high white collar, the contrast bust, the gathered skirt. It couldn’t be any more perfect. Actually it could, if it was already hanging in my wardrobe.

Sequin Tunic Pink Stripe, £175

There is nothing I love more in life than a sequin or two. Or, in this case, giant round ones in two pink tones. Gorgeous. Again, note the collar, there’s a definite theme emerging here.

Long Sleeve Shantung Dress, £315

I’ve saved the best to last, which is probably why it’s already sold out. But I couldn’t not include it. The dress is simply stunning. The beautiful colour, the cute cut out with the ruffles, the gathered skirt, the long sleeves and midi length. Dreamy.

Check out the full House of Holland sale now. Pay close attention to the coats and bags, they are incredible.

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5 Sequin-Covered Beauties You Need in Your Life

I am a complete Magpie when it comes to anything remotely sparkly. As soon as I spot something covered in sequins or even with just a hint of embellishment, I get out-of-control excited. I like to try and shoehorn a sequin in at any opportunity, but in the lead up to Christmas you’re meant to go all out. So I have.

These are the 5 sequin-covered beauties you need this Christmas. Well, I kinda want them too.

Urban Renewal Vintage Customised Levi Sequin Destroy Jeans, £40

I am in love with these jeans. At the moment I don’t have any in my wardrobe which have a more relaxed and casual fit. I love the straight cut and how they hit just above the ankle. And of course, I can’t not mention the ginormous sequin patches.

Fallen Star Sequin Top with Embroidery, £40

I’ve had my eye on this top for a while now. It looks sophisticated, feminine and simple, which I love because it is completely covered in sequins. The flowers are just beautiful and for £40, it’s an absolute steal.

ASOS Sequin Tassel Zip Top Clutch Bag. £35

I don’t even no where to begin with this one. It’s everything and then some. The mix of colours, the different sized tassels, the texture and movement, it’s killing me. This would look best with a simple all black outfit. Let the bag do all the talking.

Goldie Ambitious Maroon Sequin Dress, £68

First off, let’s all just take a moment to appreciate the delicious maroon colour. Then the fact that the colour is enhanced by hundreds of sequins, cute tee sleeves, cut outs around the shoulders and a skater skirt. It’s a definite ‘me’ dress.

Topshop Velvet Sequin Shorts, £36

I’ve saved these for last so I could write the rest of the post before losing it completely over these shorts. When velvet and sequins collide it makes me extremely happy. These are definite party pants and ones that I would love to dance in.

Personally, I’m majorly crushing on the clutch and the hot pants. But I bet you already knew that, didn’t you.

Found any sequins you like? Share them below.

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5 Reasons You Need Sequins in Your Life

I am a lover of anything sequin covered. I’m basically a Magpie in disguise and would encourage you to have as many embellished items in your closet as physically possible. 
Want to know why? No problem.
1. Because they will make you smile inanely whenever you wear them – see picture above. That should be reason enough. If not, I’ve scrabbled together four more…
2. A hint of sparkle instantly transforms your outfit. Pair a sequin tee with plain jeans and blazer to take you from work to play in an instant.
3. When it’s sunny, everything reflects off a sequin giving a kind of disco ball effect. And who doesn’t love a disco ball?!
4. I like to use mine as a tracking device so friends can always find me on a night out. “See that sparkling light in the distance, that’ll be our Jo”. No, I don’t know why my friends are now all northern.
5. I’ll type only three words. Strictly Come Dancing. 
I know they say less is more, but as far as I’m concerned, more is definitely more when it comes sequins.
Bling me up baby!

How do you wear yours?

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Want it on Wednesday: Fearne Cotton Sequin Playsuit

There is nothing that cheers me up more than a sequin-covered garment. Today’s also happens to be designed by someone who’s style I admire, Fearne Cotton.

This Sequin Playsuit is perfection. It’s a gorgeous grey spaghetti strap number with pink, coral and dark grey sequins embellished all over it. Hell, it might as well have my name written all over it.

My only issue is the price tag. I just don’t think a playsuit should cost £49. Even if it is covered in my favourite embellishment. I wonder if for that price you get Fearne’s legs too?!?!

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My Highlights from New York Fashion Week

Although I wasn’t there, I have poured over every page of looking at each look from each designer showing at New York Fashion Week. I wasn’t disappointed.

In my dream world I’d love to work the following.

Vera Wang: Head-to-Toe Floral

It should always be exceptable to wear florals from head to toe. Somehow these two outfits drive this point home even more.

I love the grunge, messy, flowing look. It looks like they’ve just rolled out of bed into these outfits and that’s a look I can work with.

View the entire collection

Jenny Packham: Jumper Over Skirt

This look to me is beyond perfection. If I was Rachel Zoe I’d even break out the “ba-na-nas”. That’s how crazy I am for it.

It taps into everything I love. Sequins. Slouchy jumpers. Swishy skirts. The three S’s in my life. It also proves that sequins can be worn in daytime. Jenny Packham I thank you for that.

View the entire collection

Victoria Beckham: Over-Sized Coats

This season VB basically owned coats. They were big and masculine with very clean lines. I want both of the above, in particular the dogs-tooth printed one. I know I’ve already blogged about them here, but I couldn’t not include them again.

View the entire collection

What collections have been your favourites so far? 

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