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My Go-To Summer Wedges

I’m currently having to pack away all my shoes, bags and clothes in my wardrobe room, which as you can imagine is a slow and painful process because it’s full to the brim of stuff. I’ve managed to pack seven boxes of shoes alone. Some in shoe boxes some without. Now, while this is tediously boring I did find a trend emerging in the sorts of shoes I buy, treasure and promptly wear to death.
It seems I just can’t get enough of the clompy, block heel. I have around five wedge-heeled boots for winter and four for summer.

These four are my go-to sandals. The shoes that will adorn my feet on any date night, girls night, family night and evening venture outside the comfort of my own home.

They all have a time and a place to be worn.

Let me walk you through the line up. 

Black Strappy Wedges – River Island
These are the sexiest of the bunch by far. There’s no platform, just thin straps of leather that crisscross up the foot to the ankle. They are just perfection. Plus, they’re super comfy which is always a win. These wedges are whipped out when I want to sex up a look and dance the night away.

Grey Suede Wooden Heeled Wedges – Dune
Meet my every day wedges. These suede beauties are perfect for work when I want to make a bit more of an effort and wear heels. Again, they’re comfortable so can be worn when running for the train without making me fall arse over tit. I love how the grey suede covers my whole foot, apart from the peep toe, with a simple strap around the ankle before joining the contrasting wooden wedge heel.

Dark Brown Cut Out Wedges – Kurt Geiger
These bad-boys have been in my collection for years. I am a massive lover of Kurt Geiger shoes and would not like to confess to how many pairs I actually own. They are my complete weakness in life. The platform, dark brown leather and cut outs give these stompy and heavy wedges a tough edge when paired with a girly summer dress, that I can’t get enough of.

Tan Buckle Wedges –

French Connection
I guess these look the most summer appropriate. The light tan, the big buckles, the thick straps, you can see why I was drawn to these. These are maybe the most versatile because they can be chucked on with absolutely anything. Jeans and a tee, done. Cute summer dress, sorted. Maxi dress, why not.

So that’s my wedge obsession out in the open. What shoes do you collect en masse?

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Help, I’m Having a Sandal Dilemma

Loyal readers I need your help. Now is the time to stand up and be counted. I’m useless at making decisions, especially in my personal life, so I’m drafting you in to choose for me.

Are you ready for this? Are you sitting down? OK.

I need help deciding which sandals I should go for this summer. I’m a lover of River Island sandals and I’ve narrowed it down to two pairs.

Should I choose these White Cleated Sole Snake Strap Sandals?


  • They have a beaut of a snake-print strap
  • They have big shiny buckles
  • I don’t own any like this already – although in fairness I don’t own any sandals currently
  • I love a clunky, ugly shoe and this is one
  • They’re only £30


These Pink Tribal Beaded Sandals?


  • They’re so pretty
  • They’re covered in tiny little sequins and gems
  • They’re only £35
  • They would look fab with tanned legs

What do you think? Which pair should I go for?

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3 Ways to Wear a Midi Skirt

In case you hadn’t noticed, midi skirts are set to be everywhere this summer. So last weekend, when we actually had some nice weather, I dug out my fail-safe black lace midi and styled it three different ways for a bit of inspiration. Because I’m kind like that.

None of these looks are drastic, just regular ways that I’ll be rocking my midi this summer.

With a Colourful Tee…

I have to start by saying this is my go-to tee in the summer. It’s a classic Olivia Rubin brick print which I feel like I’ve had forever but still goes with everything. Obviously where there’s a bright pink tee there should of course be a bright pink lip too.

I find this skirt is actually a little big on me around the waist, so to disguise the gape and to make it appear more flattering, I tuck my tops in and highlight with my favourite chain belt.

What I’m Wearing:
Skirt, ASOS
Tee, Olivia Rubin Brick Print
Belt, ASOS
Boots, River Island
Necklace, Whistles
Leather cuff, Whistles
Watch, Michael Kors

With a Jumper…

First off, I just have to give credit to Al, who after taking a couple of pics, walked over and tucked the right side of my jumper into the belt. He then took a few steps back, gave a satisfied nod and started taking pictures again. Essentially he styled me.

And I love it. I often like to wear a chunky jumper with a skirt, channelling my inner Carrie Bradshaw. Do be aware that it isn’t always the most figure-flattering look, which is why I’ve belted over the skirt and jumper here. It’s important to highlight that you do have some sort of waist hiding under all the material.

What I’m Wearing:
Skirt, ASOS
Jumper, Warehouse
Belt, ASOS
Shoes, Dune
Necklace, Australia
Leather cuff, Whistles
Watch, Michael Kors

 With a White Shirt…

I’d like to think of this as my most grown-up look of the bunch. I mean how could you ever go wrong with a shirt. Especially a sheer one with shoulder cut outs. I like how it’s not fitted and slight puffs around the belted waist.

As for the shoes, these are my trusted strapped wedges which go with anything and can be worn all night. Always a bonus.

What I’m Wearing:
Skirt, ASOS
Shirt, Mum’s wardrobe
Vest, Primark
Belt, ASOS
Shoes, River Island
Necklaces, Forever 21
Leather cuff, Whistles
Watch, Michael Kors
What do you think, will you be rocking the midi skirt this summer?

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Brick Wall Vs Milk Maid

Today, when getting dressed, I chose to channel a brick wall and a milk maid. It wasn’t intentional, the not-so-new boyf actually pulled this outfit out of my wardrobe. It was only when someone at work commented that I noticed.

The brick print tee is obviously an Olivia Rubin number and a complete favourite of mine. As for the skirt, I want to say it’s from River Island but I’m not so sure. Either way, it always reminds me of a milk maid. The blue and white strips, the nipped in waist, the full skirt, I just need my hair in plaits and a cow to milk.

Top, Olivia Rubin. Skirt, River Island. Sandals, Zara. Sunglasses, Fiorelli.

I’m still trying to wear as little as possible to beat the heat. I have to say the worst part is my train journey, my old rickety train has no air con. Massive sweat pit. That’s a lovely thought to end on.

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What I Wore Today: My Trusty Black Dress and New Huge Sunnies

Today’s outfit post features a trusty black Boohoo dress that I wheel out time and time again. It’s one of my favourite dresses to wear to work as it’s lightweight, smart, and oversized – it can hide all the cake!

It’s also really easy to accessorise. It has an elasticated waist which I prefer to belt and a nice mesh top. I’ve added my Love Moi Boutique beaded necklace and then my River Island sandals.

I also met up with a bestie last week and in doing so got sucked into the mahussive Topshop on Oxford Street which is always dangerous. Luckily for me she met me pretty swiftly and all I walked out with are these huge sunnies which I’ve been living in ever since.

What are you wearing this summer?

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What I Wore Today: White Shirt, Printed Trousers

Can I just start by saying how good the weather is! The not-so-new boyf and I hosted a massive family BBQ yesterday so were praying for sun and it appeared and lasted the whole day. It even gave me a sun burnt nose. Amazing.

In honour of the sun I’ve decided to bust out an outfit post as I haven’t done one in a very long time. What’s more, we took these pictures in our garden when I got in from work. Please focus on the rose bush not the naked ground. One more warning, this is going to be image heavy rather than text as I want to browse ASOS. Yes, shameless.

I love these printed trousers but always struggle to find a top that goes with them. I borrowed this cut-out shirt from my mum and haven’t taken it off since. It’s perfect for this, I wanted to wear a loose top that has some swoosh movement in it. You know I love a good twirl.

Grey vest, Topshop. Shirt, borrowed from mum. Trousers, c/o French Connection. Sandals, River Island. Sunglasses, Fiorelli. Necklace, c/o Love Moi.

I also took a few of my newest items out for a road test. I went to Gunwharf Quays shopping with my mum a few months ago and picked up these retro-looking sunglasses. They’re quite 70s in soft pink and grey and I love them. 

The beaded necklace I’m wearing is also new  from Love Moi Boutique. I love the bright colours against the black beads and it hangs at just the right length for this shirt. I have a few other pieces I’ll be showcasing in a another post so keep your eyes peeled.


Warning! If you’re not a fan of feet, look away now!

I did warn you! These sandals are my most recent River Island purchase. They’re incredibly garish, with their tan, neon yellow and black gold-studded straps and that’s the reason I love them. Some things never change.

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The Perfect Dress for a Spring Wedding

Let me take you on a little trip down memory lane, right back to January when I received this beautiful Warehouse dress. At the time I was saving it to wear to one of my best friends weddings and that wedding happened last Saturday.

I have to admit I was worried about how I could style this dress to make it feel more like me. If you’re an avid reader of my blog, you’ll have noticed how I prefer slouchy styles and even when I do attempt to dress up, I still always manage to look slightly ruffled. This was no different.

Dress, c/o Warehouse
Belt, Paul Smith
Necklace, a boutique in Australia
Watch, Michael Kors
Shoes, River Island

What I love about this dress though is it’s ability to flatter my curves. The sheer blue shoulders and back give it a delicate feel with the floral print adding a nice touch of subtle colour. I teamed it with a Paul Smith belt I had and the perfect purple heels, which just happened to match a few of the flowers on the dress. I kept my hair simple, pulling it back into a messy low bun.

The sun shone the entire day and I’ve never seen the beautiful bride look so happy. It really was beautiful. Me and two of my besties made the most of  the glorious weather and had as many pics taken of us together as possible.

That’s it for me and weddings this year. I’ve seen two of my best friends get married and my older cousin in a brilliant surprise ceremony. For me, weddings are really magical. Just seeing those two people making the ultimate commitment to each other feels like an incredibly special moment to share. Don’t get me wrong, it still completely freaks me out but I always feel totally honoured to have enjoyed that day with each of them.

Have you got any weddings coming up?

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Leather and Lace, Naughty and Nice

Leather is one of my favourite materials at the moment. I have leather skirts, jackets, a fairly new leather dress, sofa… I think you catch my drift. I’m obsessed.

It’s easy to wear, looks incredibly sexy and is wipe clean. What a bonus.

This dress below was an absolute sale bargain at £20 from Oasis. It was love at first sight.

I wore it a couple of weekends ago on a hen night out in Bristol and it had a great response from the girls.

It’s a very flattering cut, highlighting the shoulders with a lace panel that then runs down the centre of the chest. The skirt then flares out from the hips, which works well on my figure.

But that’s not even my favourite bit. Oh no. It’s all in the back detail.

 Dress, Oasis
Shoes, River Island
Watch, Michael Kors
Cuff, Whistles

This beautiful deep v is completely made of lace and if I do say so myself, has an incredible effect when paired with a full leather skirt.

Leather and lace is such a winning combination. It’s that blend of naughty and nice.
I know which side I fall on.

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What I Wore Today: Pink Tulips and 80s Shoulders

The work wife visited my house this weekend for mine and the not-so-new boyfs first Halloween party and had the pleasure of venturing into my wardrobes. The first thing she noticed was this top, remarking that I hadn’t worn it in ages…so here it is.

I’ve paired it with my giant pink tulip skirt. I’m going all out volume here, with giant 80s shoulders and a giant bubble skirt, but hey.

Top, River Island. Skirt, ASOS. Belt, ASOS. Boots, River Island.

We’re still currently taking these pics on my iphone until we can find our camera charger, so please ignore the fuzz.


What I Wore Today: 50s Style Dress

So this post title is taking over from ‘What I’m Wearing’ as it’s currently past 8pm and I’m not wearing it anymore!

Today was cold, rainy and utterly, utterly miserable. I had to break my no tights rule and find the thickest denier I owned.

To be honest, I could have done with wearing some make up but hey ho.

Dress, Asos. Belt, Topshop.Boots, River Island.
I can only apologise for the shabby images. I blame the not-so-new boyf.
This fifties-style dress always makes me want to swirl around the house.