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If My Besties Were ASOS Dresses

I spend A LOT of time browsing my favourite online stores. Not buying, just browsing. And every now and then I come across a dress or a bag which I know would suit one of my besties. This week was no different.

Here I was just minding my own business when ASOS emailed me about their sassy party dress collection which I obviously had to check out for myself. That’s when I spotted a dress and instantly though of my bestie Sop. It happened again with another and another, so rather than sending them all links, I figured I’d make a little post out of it. I’m kind like that.

This was the first dress I saw and as soon as I did I thought of my bestie Sop. This dress is classy, sophisticated and would flatter her gorgeous figure. It’s a sure-fire hit.

ASOS Off Shoulder Jewel Jacquard Bardot Prom Dress

A fitted waist, pleated skirt, metallic sparkly colour, this could only be for my fellow Magpie friend Chez. The jewel tones would look fantastic against her dark hair and a bold berry lip.

Elise Ryan Long Sleeve Skater Dress with Scallop Lace Neck

I love the long lace sleeves, the delicate scalloped neckline and the cute waist band, Shell, this one’s for you.

ASOS Pencil Dress with Wrap Back in Bird Print

The bestie behind this dress is obsessed with birds and this dress is covered in them. So that is that. Easy-bloomin’ peasy.

Deep V for the boobs, a nipped in waist and a smattering of florals, hello Lisa. You know you want it.

ASOS Premium Peplum Bandeau Midi

This one has to have my friend Anna’s name all over it. Slim fit, a daring colour she definitely needs to try and a cute little peplum. Sold.

And of course it wouldn’t have felt right if I hadn’t picked one out for myself. Duh. Obviously I went for this Little Mistress Cropped Mini Dress in Metallic Jacquard.

It’s metallic, highlights the waist, skims over the hip area, has a split back and is absolutely gorgeous. I want it.

Thank you ASOS, for always aiming to please.


I Need This Whistles Metallic Pleat Skirt, Right?

Help me out here. I’m trying to figure out whether this gorgeous, shimmery number needs to make it’s way to the top of my Christmas wish list.

Come to think of it, this skirt kinda screams Christmas. It’s a gorgeous silver, shimmers in the light and I imagine would swoosh dramatically when walked in.

Whistles, you’re killing me. This Metallic Pleat Skirt is an absolute beaut.

What can I say, I’m a sucker for a midi skirt.

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My Perfect Trans-Seasonal Outfit: Check Prints and Skater Skirts

I feel like if my best friend was a fashion website, she’d definitely be Farfetch. I’m having a total love-in with their range of new season collections. I feel like they get me.

I’m currently feeling the chill and have been searching for the perfect trans-seasonal outfit. It will come as no surprise that this involves a printed jumper and skater skirt. Standard.

Just look at how good they are together. I waaaaaaaaaaaaant.

Kenzo Check Knit Sweater, £336.16

MSGM Metallic Skirt, £222.42

How much does the Kenzo jumper remind you of Cher’s get up in Clueless? Unlike Cher I want to wear the above with flat boots and a fedora.

I mean I couldn’t afford to get them right now but that doesn’t stop a girl from dreaming. You know me.

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Want it on Wednesday: The Metallic Pleat Skirt from My Dreams

I can honestly say that this is the kind of skirt I dream about owning.

Don’t judge me or my dreams.

This skirt is everything I’ve been looking for and more, because it’s rose gold. And lord knows us bloggers seem to be obsessed with anything, and I mean anything, that is rose gold in colour.

Everything about this is dreamy. The colour, the pleats, the way I imagine it rustles when you touch it. Everything.
Thanks Topshop for having a sale and knocking this Metallic Pleat Skirt down to £15 quid. I owe you.
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My Wistful Whistles Wish List

I love Whistles. They have this filthy habit of making clothes that are so dreamy, I can’t help but fall in love with them. I then can’t get them out of head. I have to start looking at them everyday just to get my fix.

My hit list has got so long it’s become a bit of joke. It’s never fun to laugh on your own so I’m inviting you to share my habit.

1. Meghan Crepe Dress, £115
The bright blue and simple shift shape instantly caught my eye. This would be the perfect dress for me. It’s fitted around the bust and then hangs slightly away from the body, finished with a dipped hem. Imagine it with a pair of killer heel and some bold jewels.

2. Juno Flamingo Feather Print Top, £295 and Vienna Flamingo Feather Full Skirt, £280
I first spotted this dreamboat top and skirt combination in a Whistles email.
It was like a love scene from a movie. As soon as my eyes fell upon the soft pink hues, neat collar on the cropped shirt and full waspy skirt, it was love.

3. Daisy Foil Skirt, £125
This shimmering metallic skirt is twirling perfection. I can see myself wearing with chunky knits now or a little cami in the summer. I’m sold.

4. Linn Lace Dress, £165
How could I not include this dress? If I had the money I would without a doubt snap this up and wear it proudly to my best friend’s upcoming wedding. In fact, I’d never take it off it’s that damn beautiful. The lace, the bright pink, the cute pleated skirt, I want it soooooooooo badly it actually hurts.

So, that’s my current Whistles wish list. I have no doubts that it’ll only grow and grow until my shopping bag explodes.

What’s on your wish list?

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The 3 Most Bad Ass Metallic Shoes in the World Right Now

With such a dramatic title I felt a lot of pressure making sure the content lives up to the hype. I’ve been scouring Farfetch (again) and stumbled upon what I deem to be three of the most bad ass metallic shoes ever.

These shoes are so hot, I had to share.

These Giuseppe Zanotti shoes are killing me. The shiny gold, the pointed toe, the stiletto heel. They are just truly incredible. I want, no need them in my wardrobe. They would go with everything and I would wear them all the time, I promise. Plus, at £395 they’re an absolute bargain, sort of.

Next up are these whimsical Rapunzel platforms from a woman after my own heart, Charlotte Olympia. With a hefty price tag of £1072.99, I won’t be purchasing these any time soon, or probably ever but just look at them. They have Rapunzel on them and everything.

OK, so this final Alexander McQueen pair aren’t straight up metallic, in fact the majority of them are black suede but, and this is a big but, the perspex heels and metallic gold toe truly rock. I have no other words but I’ll leave you with the price because they’re currently in the sale at £791.95. You’re welcome.

Did they live up to the hype? I’ve already added them to my basket…

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Metallic, Embellishment and Fringing in the Goldie London Sale

Goldie London are having a sale. This is not good news for me. I’ve been on a self-inflicted shopping ban since the beginning of the year and I’ve been doing ok, up until now.

I’ve been resisting buying this dress from a previous Want it on Wednesday post or any of the other cut-out dresses I’ve been crushing on.

But now they’ve gone and done this to me…

There’s these Carolina Silver Metallic Trousers, which have been reduced to £20.


This cute Hazer Ivory Blouse with Embellishment, £25. You all know I’ve been on the search for a perfect white shirt which would slip easily into my bulging wardrobe. You also know how I am addicted to embellishment.

To top it all off there’s some fringing thrown in for good measure with this Offside Military Green Long Blouse, £20.

Metallic, embellishment and fringing are three of my favourite words. It’s just not fair. Goldie London, why are you doing this to me?!?!

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Want it on Wednesday: ASOS Metallic Skater Skirt

This weather is making me very miserable so I’ve been pretend shopping online to cheer myself up. This is becoming a regular occurrence nowadays as all my money goes towards bills, hen dos and weddings. I guess I’m at that age now where people start growing up and let me tell you, I don’t like it one bit.

So for today’s Want it on Wednesday post, I went for something with a bit of shimmer. This Metallic Skater Skirt from ASOS.

Look at it! Ain’t it pretty. Doesn’t it make you want to swirl and swirl and swirl? If the answer’s no, you should probably stop reading this now.

I find skater skirts really easy to wear and love pairing them like the image above, with a slouchy jumper or a sheer shirt. In fact I have a 3/4 sleeve jumper in black, grey and pink that would work with this.

I can wear it with thick black tights now and then eventually, when the sun comes out, go bare legged.

Plus, at only £10.50 in the sale, it’d be rude not to, right? Thanks ASOS, you do spoil me.

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4 Metallic Skirts You Need in Your Wardrobe

I love a good metallic. In my dream world I’d be floating around dressed head-to-toe in metallic Burberry this Spring. Alas, this isn’t the case so I’ve done the next best thing and picked my four favourite metallic skirts on offer.

The criteria was simple. The skirt had to be metallic (duh) and easily paired with an over-sized jumper, simple shirt or baggy tee. That is the only way I will be wearing it. Got it, let’s go.

Joseph Clare Metallic Stretch-Leather Pencil Skirt

This skirt is utter perfection. The leather sexes it up while the metallic silver makes it bang on trend for Spring.
Keep it nice and over-sized on top and you’ll be laughing. Unfortunately that’ll stop when you see the price tag, £485. Ouch.

Markus Lupfer SK083 Contrast Stripe Orange & Pink Skirt

Orange and pink are two of my favourite colours to wear together. You know it shouldn’t work, but it does and it rocks. This skirt is definitely one for the bold. Keep the top half simple with a classic white shirt or cami and let the skirt do all the talking. I love the high waist and the cute girly pleats. Not bad for £250.

Topshop Premium Metallic Origami Skirt

You can always rely on Topshop to create an affordable option. This baby blue mini is just that. Short and sweet. I love what they’re calling the origami detailing, giving the skirt what looks like two layers. I can imagine pairing this with anything, exactly what you want for £40.

Moschino Cheap and Chic Metallic Pleated Skirt

This Moschino number ticks ALL my boxes. It manages to look tacky but expensive at the same time. I love the length which hits just at the knees. I can imagine this with something sheer or even lace in black. It makes me want to experiment with textures. I won’t be spending £223.46 on it but I will be dreaming about it.

Which of these four is your favourite?

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Want it on Wednesday: The Cambridge Satchel’s Metallic Range

It’s the 2nd January, the sales are still in full force and I’m still… skint. Dammit. But I won’t let that put me off my Want it on Wednesday feature. Oh no. I’m made of stronger stuff. Plus, I come bearing good news… The Cambridge Satchel Company have reduced the price of their metallic range. Whoop!

Oh yes indeed, one of these shimmering beauts could be yours for £78.

You can choose from royal blue, pink, lilac and rose gold and decide whether you want the 11in or 13in.

Personally I’d have to go for the gold as it’s first one I spotted but it’s closely followed by the lilac.

These satchels are perfect for carrying your day-to-day crap around. They may look fairly slim but actually there is a lot of room for all your belongings, including the kitchen sink if necessary. Go get yours now

Don’t worry about me. I’ve only been after one since June last year. No biggie. Will just carry on waiting… patiently.

Are you the proud owner of a satchel? If so, which one?