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What I’m Wearing…Printed Trousers

This weekend has been all about relaxation. Saturday I went to visit my cousin and the baby – who is beyond cute – I then spent the evening tidying my room. The amount of pure crap that I keep is unreal.

Today, I whipped up my second banana choc chip loaf of the weekend, and headed to one of my besties for tea and cake. What with it being a lazy day and all, there was only one thing in my mind when I got dressed. Comfort.

Which is why I rocked out my printed trousers.

 Muhammad Ali jumper – Not-so-new boyfs
Black tee – ASOS
Necklace – Nicholas King
Printed trousers – Topshop
Cheesy grin – all my own

I ordered these trousers from Topshop on a whim. I loved the print and had originally thought they would be a heavy material rather than a jersey, which they actually are. When I tried them on, a while ago now, they were too tight on my hips and thighs – the troublesome area. I vowed to return them but just never got round to it.

This weekend I pulled them out of the wardrobe and tried them on, willing them to fit ad look semi-decent on. And they did. Fit that is, I can’t vouch that they look semi decent.

I’ve rolled up the ankle (I am a massive fan of ankles showing on women and men) and paired them with a plain, over-sized black tee and the not-so-new boyfs Muhammad Ali jumper. Sorted.

I hope you’ve all had a good weekend?

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Raspberry Like…

Last night I spent my evening at a movie themed party in head-to-toe pink. I looked like a giant raspberry. In fact, one of my friends actually referred to me as a raspberry runt. Brilliant.

Yesterday I told you I was going to be Elle Woods and I stayed true to my promise. I wore a pink Olivia Rubin dress, pink shoes, pink ASOS coat, pink clutch, pink lips and of course pink nails. I even had pink legs in the end from the cold.

I don’t have many good pictures from the night itself but the not-so-new boyf managed to grab one when we got home. Please remember I was on the sauce and it was late, hence the vacant look.

Just ignore the mess that is my room in the background.

I bet Elle Woods is quaking in her little pink shoes…


Tonight Matthew, I’m going to be….

…..Elle Woods from Legally Blonde.

Why, you ask? It’s my friends birthday and to celebrate we’re all dressing as movie characters. I have only just decided who and felt that if I typed it, it would be gospel. That way I can’t change my mind.

To begin with I was thinking of dressing as Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction. Black trousers, white shirt, lacy black bra, black bob wig and red lips. How hard could that be. But I’ve since decided that’s too dull.

I want to have big hair and bright pink lips, plus it’s another excuse to wear my pink Olivia Rubin dress. In fact, I’ll be wearing it as shown in the old photo below…

I’ll post pictures when I have them….

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What I’m Wearing…Quality Street

In honour of my return to Blogger several minutes ago, I am posting a few pics of what I wore today.
Fresh start and all that!

This skirt always reminds me of the wrinkly wrapping of a Quality Street and for that reason alone, I love it.

Jumper: Topshop
Skirt: ASOS
Boots: River Island
Belt: ASOS
Necklace: Whistles
Tights: Tesco
I chose this outfit as I was originally meant to be going for dinner with the mothership and my little brother, but that soon got cancelled. My brother clearly had a better offer, although I am grateful as it means I’m here.
Stay with me on the photo front, I have a new iPhone so they should look a little better, but have also got a new digital camera. I just need to get it all set up.
Sorry for the sporadic post. I’ll return to normal form soon. I’m just so glad to be back.
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Moving on up..

Well readers, while I’ve enjoyed my time here on Blogger, I’m packing up my belongings and moving on over to WordPress.

I’ve bought my own domain and am in the process of moving this goodness over. I want the freedom to do what I want with my template, plug-ins and general themes and I think WordPress gives you that. It’s taking me a while to do the pretty bits so please be patient with me.

In the meantime, if anyone has any good ideas for a header I’m all ears.

I’ll post on here to update you when I’ve officially moved.

See you on the other side……

Jojo x

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Welcome to the World…Joshua Ethan

On the 30th December 2011 my big cousin and his girlfriend gave birth to Joshua Ethan Carley, my second cousin. And boy, what a little cutie.

I am by NO means a baby person and am not maternal at all, but my, I am besotted. He has to be the cutest little baby I have ever seen.

Me, the mothership and Joshua

I met him for the first time the weekend before last and fell in love. As the first baby into the family he is literally all we talk about these days and that is why I’m dedicating a post to him.

Can you tell I look like my mum from this picture? I love that we’re both rocking stripes here.

Image from

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Update on Cut Throat Jo…‏

Some of you may have noticed a scar in the middle of my neck, or you may have followed my story over the past two years. This is just an update.

Tuesday, for me, was a great day. It saw the end of my six month treatment with the dreaded steroid injections. Firstly I’m a massive wuss and hate needles, so to have between two and four stabbed directly into my scar every month was not fun. The immense pain the day after was horrific and the grumpiness didn’t make it easier. At work we dubbed it my ‘roid rage.

You see, if you don’t know the story, two years ago I found a big lump growing in my throat. It got so big it started to put pressure on my wind pipe which made it painful to swallow and made me heave a lot. I had test after test, scan after scan with no one knowing exactly what it was. The best bet was that it was a mass of blood vessels that had grown around my thyroid. The plan was to remove it as soon as possible.

From this we learnt that I had a tumour, luckily benign, growing on half of my thyroid. It was a slow and painful recovery where neck movement was extremely restricted.

Unfortunately for me we found that I was a hyperthrophic healer. My scar had become raised, lumpy and very angry looking. I was also left with a massive amount of hard scar tissue which still put pressure on my throat.  Last August I went back for more surgery to have the scar and tissue cut out and resown. This all went smoothly (more smoothly than the scar) but It still didn’t heal as well as it could of.

Five months on and it’s still red and angry looking but the lumpiness has gone, thanks to the steroids. The only downside is the steroids thinned my skin under the scar so you can now see every blood vessel and if lifted, you can see the tendon in my neck. Gross.

Anyway, the steroids have finished, the frequency of my hospital appointments has decreased and I have a silicone gel which is helping with the appearance.

I don’t think it will ever fade completely BUT I am healthy and I am happy.


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“Double doors. So far, so good.”

So, here’s a little update on my life at the moment.
Me and the not-so-new boyf (it’s been a year today – agh!) have started viewing flats to rent, as we both want to move out of home and in together.

Let me tell you, this is quite a painful experience. Property in our area is expensive and you get diddlysquat for your pound.

This in itself has led to a few heated discussions about renting vs buying. Basically I don’t have enough savings by a long way to be able to contribute to a mortgage, but if we both stayed at home for another year, then we might have a good deposit. My feelings are the opposite. I’d like to start living in a space that I could call my own.

In fact, one of my main criteria is to have space/room for a wardrobe. I’m taking my inspiration from Carrie in Sex and the City.

“Double doors. So far, so good.”

How do I make my wish come true?

How about you, rent or buy?