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Christmas Gift Guide: 10 Under £10

Usually this is the time of the year that I start thinking about myself, a lot. What kind of prezzies would I like this year, what couldn’t I live without, what can’t I afford to buy myself because all of my money goes towards cushions and soft furnishes, but this year, I’ve decided it’s about time I focused on others. 
I love Christmas shopping, it’s a tradition in my family that myself, mum, auntie and cousin all take a day off work, hit the town and literally shop until we drop, mulled wine in hand. And this year will be no different. However, I have started researching and planning the best gifts for my loved ones and hopefully this guide will help you do the same. 
Here we have it, 10 girly gifts under £10. Knock yourself out.

1. Fox Eye Mask, £6, River Island
2. Red Smile Compact Mirror, £8, River Island
3. Nutella: 30 Best Recipes, £6.99, Amazon
4. Photographic Lipstick Make Up Bag, £4, Next
5. Slim Zig Zag Ring, £10, Whistles
6. Dashing Santa Bath Bomb, £2.95, Lush
7. Touchscreen Knitted Gloves, £9.50 M&S
8. Dog Print Hot Water Bottle, £10, Next
9. This Works Dream Team Duo, £10
10. Thread Wrapped Cut-Out Cuff, £8, Topshop

My particular favourite, the fox eye mask. 
Found any gifts that are just too good not to share? Pop a link below.
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Want it on Wednesday: The Moon and the Stars

The minute I saw this necklace, I knew it had to be mine.

Stars have a very special meaning to me and I’ve been looking for a dainty chain with one on forever. This Orelia Wunderlust Moon and Disc necklace is perfect. It’s dainty and has two rows including my beloved star and a sparkly moon.

This one’s going straight to the top of my Christmas wishlist and due to the sentimental value, has my mum’s name written all over it. The stars and moon will always be looking down on me.

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My Current Whistles Wants

Alongside this dreamy white shirt of my dreams, I’ve been majorly drooling over the Whistles sale. I have to admit this has become a bit of a hobby for me. I love Whistles and, if I could afford it, I would shop there all the time.

Currently I can’t afford to so I’ve done the next best thing and filled my online basket before promptly emptying it again.  That satisfied feeling will never get old.
These are the five items I want in my wardrobe for Summer.

1. Corrine Lace Midi Dress, £95
2. Ali Heavy Frame Sunglasses, £35
3. Lulu Frost for Whistles Art Deco Earring, £45
4. Dragon Skin Print Trousers, £60
5. Lorna Flat Point Slingback, £70

There’s so much goodness going on here. Gorgeous slingbacks in pastel shades, striking dresses in bold, statement colours. Quirky metallic trousers that crop above the ankle. And of course, statement jewellery and accessories. Who doesn’t want bright blue shades for summer. I know I sure as hell do!

Shop the full sale here. Just don’t tell me what you get, I’ll only be disappointed I can’t have it too. 
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New Arm Candy

So I scoured some major swag this Christmas and birthday and let’s be honest, It’d be rude not to share it.

My arms are now so full of bounty I can hardly lift them…

I’ll start with my left arm first. The watch is an oldie but a goodie from Michael Kors. My dad got this for me 6 years ago on my 21st birthday. It’s slightly battered now, with a couple of scratches on the glass and some water marks under the face from American water parks, but I can’t and won’t live without it. When it broke in America I flatly refused to look for a replacement, it means far too much to me. The big gold ring is a Christmas present from Whistles last year. I’m telling you, Whistles is beyond amazing for jewellery. I own a fair bit, as you’re about to read.

The right arm is adorned with my brand new Whistles cuff. This metallic blue number has replaced my fraying and tatty black cuff. Doesn’t it look sophisticated? It almost doesn’t suit my wrist. As for the rings, the cuff ring is Whistles and the selection of midi rings are from ASOS. I love how they’re a mix of gold, silver and a beautiful rose gold. Perfection.

I’m very lucky to have friends and family who know me well enough to know my jewellery taste. What beauties.

I’ve shown you mine now you can show me yours. Arm candy that is.

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Knotted Arm Candy

Every time I used to find a piece of jewellery that caught my eye I would send the links or show the pictures to my ex-work wife, demanding that she put her craftsmanship to work and make me something similar. It finally paid off.

It’s as if she knew that I’d had my eye on a knotted number. It’s very nautical, made with bright pink rope that’s been knotted in the middle with gold finishes. It may be eight months late – it was promised as a birthday present – but it was well worth the wait.
I will be wearing this bracelet all the time, with every outfit I own, stacked with my leather Whistles bracelet. I love having jewellery that is handmade or a one-of-a-kind which is exactly what this is and I couldn’t thank my ex-work wife more. 
Now, back to my Fifth Element DVD, I’ve heard I should take a closer look at the costumes.
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Love Moi Jewellery Swag

There’s nothing I love more in life than a big statement necklace. The bigger, the blingier (is that even a word?), the more outrageous, the better in my eyes.

Sometimes, all an outfit needs to be complete is that extra special piece of jewellery.

Here are a few bits and pieces that I’ve added to my ever-growing collection recently…

Chunky Loop Gold Chain Necklace, Orange Beaded Red Indian Collar Necklace, Silver Studded Leather Bracelet and Golden Caesar Vintage Ring all c/o Love Moi Boutique.

The beaded necklace above has slotted perfectly into my wardrobe. I throw it on most days whether it’s with a simple shirt, tucked under the collar, or on top of a patterned dress. I love it and it receives a lot of compliments because of it’s quirkiness. As for the chunky gold chain, well, I love the huge loops, it’s so obnoxious.

Thanks Love Moi. I’ll be back.

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How I Wear Sequins: Around My Neck

My fashion-partner in crime knows me well. As someone who also has Magpie-like tendencies, we both appreciate the odd sparkle or two.

My case in point is the necklace and ring she got me for my birthday.

It’s a cross extravaganza.

This necklace is brilliant. It’s full of different colours, shapes and sizes. What’s even better is that it jingles as I walk. I’m now like Santa. You can definitely hear me coming.

The ring is cool and quirky, giving the illusion that it fits across two fingers.

The big pink-jewelled cross is definitely my favourite out of the bunch. It’s just so brash and chunky. I love it.

How do you wear your sequins?