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Finding the Perfect Duster Coat for Summer

In my head I can picture exactly what I want, a long, light-weight jacket that is bold in colour and print but that can be paired with anything. The only problem, I just can’t find it.

The only one that’s come vaguely close so far is this Maxi Duster Coat from ASOS. It ticks the pattern box, I could clash this with anything in my wardrobe, and although it’s made from heavyweight crepe, it’ll be good for days when the weather is in-between.

The only thing I’m worried about is whether I could pull of the length. Especially if I wore flats, which I do a lot. Will I look a little on the stumpy side?

Obviously it helps that it’s in the sale but I’m not 100% sure that it’s (dramatic pause) ‘the one’.

Let me know what you think.

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Want it on Wednesday: A Side Order of Valentino

I’m having a major Valentino moment. Everything about this dress is perfection.

The gorgeous bright orange, the fitted waist, the flared skirt and not forgetting the amazing multicoloured floral collar. It’s all to die for.

I would keep this look simple, adding no accessories, just a pair of bold purple t-bar heels. You’ve gotta let the Valentino do all the talking.

Check it out in all it’s glory, the Valentino Floral Collar Dress. You are more than welcome.

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Swinging Florals

Technically I wore this outfit yesterday but we’ll brush over those details and focus on how freaking cool this floral swing top is instead.

It’s beautifully oversized with nice long sleeves which I like. It’s a new summer staple of mine as it can be chucked on with jeans, cute denim shorts or dressed up with skirts.

It also lives up to its name and swings like a beauty. Watch it go…

Ohhhh yeah. Check out the volume on that. And the hair.

Life couldn’t get any better right now.

What I’m Wearing:
Floral swing tee, ASOS
Jeans, 7 For All Mankind
Sandals, Zara
Necklace, Topshop
Leather cuff, Whistles
Watch, Michael Kors

Does my hair look like a wig to you? I just got my roots did…

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My Highlights from New York Fashion Week

Although I wasn’t there, I have poured over every page of looking at each look from each designer showing at New York Fashion Week. I wasn’t disappointed.

In my dream world I’d love to work the following.

Vera Wang: Head-to-Toe Floral

It should always be exceptable to wear florals from head to toe. Somehow these two outfits drive this point home even more.

I love the grunge, messy, flowing look. It looks like they’ve just rolled out of bed into these outfits and that’s a look I can work with.

View the entire collection

Jenny Packham: Jumper Over Skirt

This look to me is beyond perfection. If I was Rachel Zoe I’d even break out the “ba-na-nas”. That’s how crazy I am for it.

It taps into everything I love. Sequins. Slouchy jumpers. Swishy skirts. The three S’s in my life. It also proves that sequins can be worn in daytime. Jenny Packham I thank you for that.

View the entire collection

Victoria Beckham: Over-Sized Coats

This season VB basically owned coats. They were big and masculine with very clean lines. I want both of the above, in particular the dogs-tooth printed one. I know I’ve already blogged about them here, but I couldn’t not include them again.

View the entire collection

What collections have been your favourites so far? 

Images courtesy of

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Could I wear this dress to my best friend’s wedding?

ASOS are such enablers. Not only do I get their daily emails, they also send me texts with their latest deals. Up until now I’ve been strong and not crumbled and eaten the blatant carrot they’re dangling in my face. However, today’s message had me browsing. 60% off just-in dresses. How very dare you.

I’m being almost militant with my money at the moment as I basically haven’t got any. What I do have though, is five weddings to attend this year. That means five dresses. Or in my case three dresses, one sari and one bridesmaid dress.

I already have a couple of wedding-appropriate dresses I can roll out but there’s one wedding in particular where I’d like to bust out a brand-spanking new outfit. You see, one of my gorgeous besties, Chez, is marrying her gorgeous man Chris, who is Al’s best mate. Al’s one of their ushers and is going to be suited and booted. I need to up my game.

This is where I need your help. I’ve found this Floral Skater Dress on ASOS and alongside praying that no-one else has, am not 100% sure it’s wedding appropriate.

It has a beautiful grey floral print, a glorious round neckline that leads into mesh arms and waist, sweetheart bodice, a skater skirt and a beautiful sheer, open back. Imagine it with delicate jewellery and some killer heels.

Here’s the big question that I need your help with. Could I wear this dress to my best friend’s wedding in March? Cast your vote below and help me out!

Could I wear this dress to my best friend’s wedding?

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Want it on Wednesday: Floral Print Jumpsuit

Boom. Kapow. Bam. These are the words that spring to mind when I see this bad-ass jumpsuit.

My lovely work feeder actually spotted this when we popped into Topshop the other week and said I should get it. I haven’t yet, but that’s not to say I won’t.

I really do love everything about it, mostly the incredible print. I love a good playsuit and like that the material looks strong enough to firstly, not be see-through especially in the sun, and secondly to hold its shape. I have another one in black jersey and it struggles with both.

I like that it has a vest top, which can be layered under a little blazer. I’m already imagining pairing this with the rest of my wardrobe… It’s £60, which might be why I haven’t fully committed to buying just yet.

If you fancy it, it’s all yours. Go get it.