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5 Reasons Why Jenna Lyons is the Actual Queen of F**king Everything

There are many reasons why I think Jenna Lyons is the absolute queen of f**king everything. Far too many to list out here but I’ll give you the highlights. She’s turned J. Crew into a cult brand, wore feathers to Solange’s wedding and tells it like it is in interviews like this one in Bazaar. She is my ultimate hero and a massive inspiration as a successful woman.

I’ve been waiting to see the full collection from New York Fashion Week after falling in love several times when sneaking peeks on Instagram. I wasn’t disappointed. In fact, this fall collection looks exactly like my dreams. The only problem now is that I want it all and have to wait patiently for it.

There are five looks which have completely nailed it. Have at it.

Vibrant yellow faux-fur lined parkas with whopping great big pockets, a humongous collar and a military feel.

A pastel pink hooded jacket casually layered over a multicoloured feather skirt.

Chunky knitted jumpers half tucked into suede skirts with long fringing. Imagine the swoosh factor.

Trouser so wide they begin to look like voluminous skirts and shirts covered in metallic embellishments.

And finally, glistening sequin floor-length skirts worn underneath casual denim shirts belted at the waist.

These five moments alone have made me want to head straight online and that is why she is the Queen of f**king everything. Jenna Lyons, I salute you.

You’d be a fool not to check out the full collection here.

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My 5 Staple Winter Coats

I have a slight coat obsession. Hands up, it’s actually a rather large one. Every year I spot a new colour or cut that I just can’t live without and so my collection grows. This year, I had to put a stop to my purchases (buying a house costs a flaming fortune) and dust off some trusty faithfuls.

Here are the five coats I just can’t live without.

The Cape

Now I had to do a lot of dusting as I pulled this one out of the deepest, darkest backs of my wardrobe.   In all honesty, I think I’d forgotten just how amazing a good cape can be. First of all, a cape always looks chic. Secondly, you can wear whatever the hell you want underneath and you don’t have to worry about looking bulky. This pleases me immensely as I love to layer. Mine is a super old Topshop find. I love the dramatics a cape can bring, it also makes me laugh hysterically when I try to hold on to a pole on the train or open a window and clobber other passengers with the bat wings. Get cape, wear cape, fly.

The Furry One

This is possibly my favourite one of all, but shush, don’t let the other ones hear. Every time I wear this I feel like the Cookie Monster with blue fur everywhere. It’s a simple no-frills kinda coat. I love the round neck and the way the hem turns under the bum at the back.

The Animal Print

There is nothing that makes me smile more in life than animal print. I would wear it head to toe if I could. This is my everyday coat, it’s over-sized, has a big lapel, and is two tone, starting with the print and moving into black. It’s gorgeous and I pretty much live in it.

The Camel Coat

Camel coats had their big moment last year, which I think, is when I became the proud owner of this Ted Baker version. It’s shorter than all the others and probably more of a dress coat. It has a huge collar, massive belt and really bloody long sleeves that I always wrestle with. It also has the most beautiful silk lining. Yes, it’s the little things that please me the most.

The Parka

This is essentially my make-me-a-member-of-E17 coat. I won this Pinko number last year which was the best result ever. It’s kind of garish with it’s camo print, huge hood and general shiny manner, which all only makes me want to bust it out more.

There you have it. These are the five coats that I keep circulating in the colder weather. 
P.S Can you tell that I didn’t particularly want to look at the camera today…
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My Self-Imposed Coat Ban Vs Chloé and Finds

I’m on a self-inflicted coat ban but that hasn’t stopped me from saving two links on my phone and constantly looking at them, daydreaming. The culprits, Chloé and Finds.
I couldn’t have picked the cheap ones, that would have made it too risky. Instead, I went super luxe, super drool worthy and super expensive. Sometimes it’s the only way.

They both have something in common, a delicious baby blue colour, which is refreshing against a sea of black and navy.

I’d like to start with the bang on-trend Chloé Alpaca-Blend Blanket Cape.

Just look at the folds and layers, the way it hangs, the draping around the neck. I am obsessed with this cocoon-like coat.

It looks super cosy and soft and has beautiful white woven piping running along all the edges. It’s dreamy. At £2,445 it’s beyond pricey and well out of anything I could ever afford, but I still find myself checking it out daily.

The other coat just so happens to be from a brand I hadn’t heard of before, Finds.

Central Saint Martins graduate Rejina Pyo is the brains behind this Two Tone Faux Fur Coat, focusing on tailoring and graphic patterns.

Now, I own a lot of coats but I what I don’t own is a faux-fur number. This one fits the bill nicely. I like how it’s in sky blue and not the typical black, cream or mink. I like how heavy and thick this look and how it falls to the knee. This coat means business and I’m down with that. What I’m not down with is £1,350. Damn.

That won’t stop me daydreaming…

What coats have you got your eye on?

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Want it on Wednesday: This River Island Cardi with Banging Faux-Fur Collar

When the weather gets a bit chilly I instantly start dreaming of a wardrobe stuffed full of knits. I’ll take them in any shape and size, cashmere or not. As long as they’re cosy, I’m a sucker.
That’s why today’s want it item is none other than this cardi.

But it’s not just any old cardi. Oh no. This one has a gorgeous and very generous-sized faux-fur collar. I’m kind of impartial to the red check as it won’t go with the majority of outfits in my wardrobe but massively swung by the collar… And the fact that it looks oversized and so very cosy.
Nice work River Island. Nice work indeed. 
Get yours here for £55.
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Want it on Wednesday: Fire and Ice Faux Fur Jacket

This jacket is the business.

Or, as Gwen Stafani would say, ‘this shit is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S.’

You may have seen this Fire and Ice jacket by Unreal Fur hanging from Fearne Cotton’s shoulders. In my dreams, because I can’t afford it in real life, it’ll soon be hanging off mine too. I’ve been looking for the perfect faux fur jacket for a very long time and I might just have found it.

Have you found your winter coat yet?

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A Whole Lotta Fake Fur

I am a massive fan of any form of texture on my clothing. Whether it’s a bit of faux fur on a coat collar, a massive shearling gillet or a simple wool jumper, let’s just say I’m easily pleased and happy to be petted.

Dagmar, one of my favourite Swedish brands have pulled it out of the bag.

This Ylva fake fur vest, hits mid-shin, has leather side panels and according to them, is knitted from a unique yarn that resembles long sheep hair. Ohhh errrr missus. I would love to be wrapped in this.

At £795 it’s a definite investment, but just take a second to appreciate how cosy you’ll be when paired with a jumper dress, tights and a waist-cinching belt. Or, if you wanted to be a little on the racy side, you could wear it with nothing underneath – flasher mac style. But I didn’t really just suggest that…

I also had to sneak in this big fuzzy Yara fake fur jacket because let’s be honest here, what’s not to love about a shag jacket?

If I owned this beaut I would not be able to stop stroking myself. Get yours now from for £745.

That’s enough fake fur for one day…