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My Mum and Me: The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far from the Tree

They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I think you can probably tell from the picture that that’s definitely the case for my mum and me. We share an obsession for the perfect pair of heels *cough* Whistles *cough*. We have a very similar haircut, the same eye colour, share naff eyesight and have a special ability to cry at the sight of someone else’s tears.

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A View From Devon

This weekend just gone, my family and I went to stay with my godfather in his Devon cottage. We went to two beaches, had two barbecues and went back to Fingle Bridge, which was my Grandad’s favourite place and holds lots of memories. We also drank a lot of Pimms. I just so happened to take a couple of snaps.

Trebarwith Strand
Flying kites on Widemouth beach


Fingle Bridge






The beautiful view of Trebarwith Strand


That right there is our first barbecue of the year. And it was bloody delicious.

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10 Best Things That Happened in October

October was a brilliant month. First off, my little cousin got married which was the most fun ever. Secondly, Al and I have been shopping up a storm for our flat which is starting to look like our home now and thirdly, the weather’s got a lot colder and I can now wear coats and tights on a daily basis. This makes me super happy.

Here are my highlights from October…

1. Being a bridesmaid, alongside Annie (my older cousin’s wife), for my beautiful little cousin.
2. Watching Mrs and Mrs Bow tie the knot.

3. Hanging out with this hotty.
4. A family selfie with a few of my favourites.

5. Posing up a storm in this Vivien of Holloway bridesmaid number.
6. Making the most of the petticoat with some cheeky ruffles.

7. The weather finally being cold enough for me to break out my leopard coat again.
8. And pairing the said leopard coat with my animal-print skirt.

9. Finally seeing my two oldest friends after seven months and it seeming like we’ve never been apart.
10. Setting up my new blogging corner on our new sofa.

looking forward to November, in particular all the family days I’ve got planned. Check me out on Instagram @josclothes for more.

Are you on Instagram? Let me know where to find you. 

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Nice Day for a White Wedding…

Saturday saw my little cousin, we’re only 10 hours apart, get married to the lady of her dreams and become Mrs and Mrs Bow.

After two years in the making, we finally left all the stress behind us and celebrated in style at the beautiful Lillibrooke Manor, Maidenhead. Surrounded by my whole family, we spent the day smiling until our cheeks ached, crying at everything and dancing until we literally dropped.

It was an absolute honour to be one of Gem’s bridesmaids alongside my older cousin’s wife, Annie, and share the special day with her.

As bridesmaids we got to rock the most incredible Vivien of Holloway dresses and obviously had to make the most of them with a little impromptu photo shoot…

I do love a good wedding.

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50s-Style Shenanigans: Winged Liner, Red Lips and Petticoats

Isn’t it amazing what a trowel of makeup, 32 bobby pins and a petticoat will do to you?

I’m not sure I’ve ever looked this good. I can barely manage an up do and am definitely not a winged liner pro – I’m getting there. Shocker, I’ve also never worn a petticoat, which I will now do daily.

You might be wondering why I look so glam, seeing as I usually look a little more under done on the blog. Well, a couple of weekends ago, Annie, my elder cousin’s wife, and I took my little cousin Gem, to London for her hen do. I won’t share all the secrets as it was a weekend of no judgement, but I wanted to share a few pictures of us after Amanda from Lipstick and Curls had worked her magic and some small miracles.

We went for a 1950s look, rocking curls, victory rolls, heavy winged liner, glossy red lips and the ability to perform the best twirls ever. From now on I will demand to always have a petticoat when shooting twirling looks. It’s the only true way to get volume, height and air!

We had the best weekend laughing, dancing and of course drinking. We have the wedding in a couple of weekend’s time and I will definitely be sharing some pictures from that, mainly because I get to wear a petticoat again.

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The 10 Best Thing That Happened in August

It’s that time of the month (not that time) where I cast my mind down memory lane with the help
of my trusty Instagram feed, and pick the highlights from August. You
ready? Let’s go.

These are The 10 Best Things That Happened in August…With the help of a lot of selfies. My bad.

1. Embracing my inner child in my beloved dungaree dress and floral kimono.
2. On Wednesday’s we wear pink. In the form of an Olivia Rubin brick-print tee.

3. Date night with this handsome chap.
4. Busting out the cold-shoulder, bleach-washed ASOS dress that has made my summer.

5. The pineapple dress I never knew was missing from my life until I found it and fell in love.
6. Causing mischief and chaos with these two rascals.

7. Big hair, don’t care, courtesy of my bestie and hair genius Cheryl.
8. She was also the brains behind my new long bob and the reason I lopped it all off.

9. Spending quality time with my dear old mother.
10. Hanging with my little bro who is hilarious and annoying in the same breath.

So that was my August.

I guess my other key moment and general all-round greatest life achievement so far is getting the keys to our first place, which should be happening today – fingers crossed!

Blogging might slow down these next couple of weeks as not only will Al and I be moving into our own home, I also have two hen dos to oversee for my gorgeous cousin. Let the fun begin.

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