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Weekend Styling

My favourite kind of weekend involves little more than moving from my bed to my sofa, with the help of Elle magazine, chips and guac and my laptop. This weekend however I had a bigger job ahead of me as Al and I decided it was time to attack the house and unpack those pesky boxes we haven’t looked at since moving in together a year ago.

It also meant delving into our wardrobes and ruthlessly throwing out any item we haven’t worn recently. Which reminded me of my trusty Topshop mum jeans which look all the better when paired with an oversize ASOS tee, floral kimono and Kurt Geiger leopard and glitter trainers. And a bright pink lip obviously.


3 Ways to Wear Mom Jeans

Let me just start by saying that you don’t have to be a mum to wear mom jeans. OK.

There are three reasons I’ve fallen in love with them. One, they’re actually high-waisted on me which due to my long torso, never happens. Two, they’ve got that whole beaten-up, slouchy vibe going on. Three, They can be worn with anything.

I’ve styled them three different ways so you can see just how versatile they are.

With a Classic Breton


I’m not going to lie, this has become my fail-safe weekend outfit. Firstly, you can’t ever go wrong with a striped top. Secondly, it looks even better when tucked into these high-waisted babies. It’s a casual, run-to-the-shops-then-straight-to-lunch outfit. It’s reliable, fail safe and bloody easy. That’s all you want at the weekend.

Obviously I had to add a pair of leopard-print sequin trainers into the mix.

Top, Topshop. Mom jeans, Topshop. Trainers, Kurt Geiger.

With a White Shirt

I have an obsession with borrowing Al’s clothes, in particular his shirts. I reached for his classic white one this time, rolled the sleeves, popped the collar and roughly tucked it in. Sorted.I also pulled out this sleeveless jacket which I got a little while back. It pulls this whole look together and gives a hint of sophistication. Add to that mix my shiny new white heels and we’re laughing. Perfect for a day in the office.

Shirt, Al’s. Sleeveless jacket, Topshop. Mom jeans, Topshop. Heels, Red Herring for Debenhams.

With a Crop Top


Crop tops scare the actual crap out of me. I figured since I wore them the first time round (when I was in my early teens) that I shouldn’t wear them again. And then I just so happened to feel brave – or stupid – enough to order one before Christmas to pair with my shimmering turquoise mermaid skirt.

And I wore it. Actually put it on and left the house. Well OK, I put it on at work and wore it to a Christmas party where I knew the lights would be dimmed. But I still wore it. Technically you could see about half an inch of stomach which I could cope with. This time though I’ve gone all out. I’m aware that while this might be out of my comfort zone and not the most flattering on me, I wanted to show that you can pair these two together. If I can, you definitely can.

Crop top, ASOS. Mom jeans, Topshop. Lace socks, Accessorize. Brogues, Clarks.There you have it. How do you style yours?

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Want it on Wednesday: Leopard Feet for Summer

If I had a penny for every time I’ve typed the phrase “I’m a sucker for animal print” I’d surely be one helluva rich girl by now.

As it stands, I’m not rich, but I am borderline obsessed with said print. I have leopard jumpers, shirts, skirts, Converse, boots, the lists goes on. What I don’t currently have though, are Fearne Cotton’s Norah Leopard Block Heel Sandals from her latest Very collection.

After clearing out my closet last weekend, I parted ways with at least twenty pairs of shoes I haven’t worn in the last year. I also organised the ones without boxes into my new drawer unit from Ikea. I know, I deserve a pat on the back here. This made me realise exactly what I’m missing. Cute summer sandals that aren’t wedges. I love a wedge as much as the next girl, but with five pairs already under my belt, it’s safe to say I’ve got that base covered.

What I do need is a sandal with a sturdy block heel and chunky straps to keep my Bambi-like ankles from buckling. These will do just that. Fearne Cotton, as always, I salute you.

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3 Ways to Wear Clashing Prints

Warning: You may want to put your sunnies on before reading this post.

Recently I wore this striped top and snake-print skirt to work and got mixed reactions from my colleagues. One girl said she loved it and wished she had the confidence to wear an outfit like it to work, whereas one of the guys did several double takes, asking me if stripes and animal print really went together. But so what if they don’t? Why would I want to wear a plain top if I wore a patterned bottom. Why can’t I wear whatever the hell I want, when I want. After all, I’m not dressing for anyone else but myself and if wearing stripes and snake print makes me happy, which it does, then I’ll happily continue. It only felt right to experiment with my wardrobe and mix ALL THE PRINTS together for a blog post.

So here it is, 3 Ways to Wear Clashing Prints.

Stripes vs. Animal Print



This has fast become one of my favourite looks. I feel like a smorgasbord of colour, prints and textures, which is a guaranteed way to get me smiling.  Stripes are a staple that can be rolled out with absolutely anything, snake-print included. While the red glitter boots are optional, they’re certainly recommended.

Top, Topshop. Skirt, Lavish Alice. Tights, Tesco. Boots, ASOS.

Florals vs. Jacquard Print


I love breaking out the florals for Spring, groundbreaking I know. I particularly love the layered peplum on this sheer top, adding an extra level of movement to an otherwise fairly structured outfit. I’ve had these trousers for a couple of years now and they’re the perfect material for when the weather brightens up. Again, I’ve added glitter shoes. I’m not even sorry.

Top, Topshop. Trousers, French Connection. Shoes, Dune.

Checks vs. Lace

I imagine that nearly everyone owns a checked shirt of some sort. Mine is super oversized and looks best when buttoned to the neck. I’m also loving how it looks tucked into a lace midi skirt, with added lace socks. I will definitely be busting this outfit out again.

Shirt, Topshop. Belt, ASOS. Skirt, ASOS. Lace socks, Accessorize. Brogues, Clarks.

There you have it, three ways to clash any print whatsoever. Go bold or go home.

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Want it on Wednesday: Grafea Purfect Leather Backpack

Can you tell I’m a little bag obsessed at the minute? I’m still mourning the loss of a couple of casualties to mould from our new place and am looking at what best to replace them with.
Because that’s what you do when you have a clear out that’s forced upon you.

This one is a sure-fire contender for obvious reasons.

1. Leopard print
2. I don’t own a backpack
3. I keep posting about the fact that I want a backpack
4. Check out all the pockets
5. Just look at it, it’s a thing of beauty

This Purfect Leather Backpack is from British brand Grafea, which I hadn’t heard of before until my bestie pointed out the fact that I should indeed own the above.

Well, that’s decided then. I’ll start counting out my pennies.

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Because Everyone Needs Glitter Shoes

It’ll come as a surprise to no one, that I am obsessed with sparkly things. My inner magpie has no limits. My family are well aware of this obsession and have definitely pandered to it.

At Christmas (is it still ok to mention the C word this far into January?) I became the proud owner of three pairs of glitter-covered shoes. Three. While this may seem too extreme to some, I am in my sparkly element.

Let me walk you through my new collection.

The Glitter Trainer 

A practical shoe needn’t look dull. In fact, I like mine bold and brash with leopard-print toes, gold glitter sides and soft ribbons for laces. I like them even better when they’re paired with gold glitter socks. What can I say, I’m an all-or-nothing kinda gal.

I think it was last October I kept harping on about these Lucca sneakers and why they had to be mine but I couldn’t justify spending that money on myself. Well now, thanks to Al, I can rock them all the time. Maybe I’ll team them with my leopard-print coat, and scarf, and jumper, and skirt. Too much?!

The Glitter Boot

Now, while I am aware that these aren’t technically my first pair of glitter boots, I already have these bad boys, they are equally as welcome in my wardrobe. I spotted these on ASOS and knew I had to have me some Dorothy shoes.

Every time I put these on, I have a habit of clicking my ankles together and dreaming of Kansas. Now while I’m fully aware I’m not actually Dorothy, it doesn’t hurt to dream. These boots seem to look the best with an all black outfit, I like the element of surprise. Like ‘pow’ red glitter boots in your face.

The Glitter Slipper

I don’t even know where to start with these beauties. They kind of leave me speechless. While this picture may not do them complete justice, they are both silver and gold depending on what light you view them in, I think we can all agree that they are pretty special. I love a good slipper shoe and I also love a tassel so when those two worlds collide in one shoe, I’m a very happy lady.

Just look how at home they are with matching garish glitter socks. Honestly, it’s a match made in shoe heaven and my feet have never been happier.

Got some glitter shoes in your life? Hook me up, I need to see.

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All the Animal Print

Sometimes, I’ll pull on a coat, scarf and shoes and rush out the door before realising that I’m wearing a lot of animal print. But how much is too much?

My cousin would come out in hives if she saw print, on top of print, on top of print. Especially because my scarf is a purple and gold animal print, clashing with the neutrals on my coat. Throw in the fact that I’m wearing striped socks and I know she’s currently hyperventilating.

To me, this will never be too much. I am a lover of all prints, I just so happen to own a helluva lot of the animal-printed variety. I went head-to-toe here and I loved it. And I will be rocking it again.

So what if Pat Butcher is my idol…

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My 5 Staple Winter Coats

I have a slight coat obsession. Hands up, it’s actually a rather large one. Every year I spot a new colour or cut that I just can’t live without and so my collection grows. This year, I had to put a stop to my purchases (buying a house costs a flaming fortune) and dust off some trusty faithfuls.

Here are the five coats I just can’t live without.

The Cape

Now I had to do a lot of dusting as I pulled this one out of the deepest, darkest backs of my wardrobe.   In all honesty, I think I’d forgotten just how amazing a good cape can be. First of all, a cape always looks chic. Secondly, you can wear whatever the hell you want underneath and you don’t have to worry about looking bulky. This pleases me immensely as I love to layer. Mine is a super old Topshop find. I love the dramatics a cape can bring, it also makes me laugh hysterically when I try to hold on to a pole on the train or open a window and clobber other passengers with the bat wings. Get cape, wear cape, fly.

The Furry One

This is possibly my favourite one of all, but shush, don’t let the other ones hear. Every time I wear this I feel like the Cookie Monster with blue fur everywhere. It’s a simple no-frills kinda coat. I love the round neck and the way the hem turns under the bum at the back.

The Animal Print

There is nothing that makes me smile more in life than animal print. I would wear it head to toe if I could. This is my everyday coat, it’s over-sized, has a big lapel, and is two tone, starting with the print and moving into black. It’s gorgeous and I pretty much live in it.

The Camel Coat

Camel coats had their big moment last year, which I think, is when I became the proud owner of this Ted Baker version. It’s shorter than all the others and probably more of a dress coat. It has a huge collar, massive belt and really bloody long sleeves that I always wrestle with. It also has the most beautiful silk lining. Yes, it’s the little things that please me the most.

The Parka

This is essentially my make-me-a-member-of-E17 coat. I won this Pinko number last year which was the best result ever. It’s kind of garish with it’s camo print, huge hood and general shiny manner, which all only makes me want to bust it out more.

There you have it. These are the five coats that I keep circulating in the colder weather. 
P.S Can you tell that I didn’t particularly want to look at the camera today…
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10 Best Things That Happened in October

October was a brilliant month. First off, my little cousin got married which was the most fun ever. Secondly, Al and I have been shopping up a storm for our flat which is starting to look like our home now and thirdly, the weather’s got a lot colder and I can now wear coats and tights on a daily basis. This makes me super happy.

Here are my highlights from October…

1. Being a bridesmaid, alongside Annie (my older cousin’s wife), for my beautiful little cousin.
2. Watching Mrs and Mrs Bow tie the knot.

3. Hanging out with this hotty.
4. A family selfie with a few of my favourites.

5. Posing up a storm in this Vivien of Holloway bridesmaid number.
6. Making the most of the petticoat with some cheeky ruffles.

7. The weather finally being cold enough for me to break out my leopard coat again.
8. And pairing the said leopard coat with my animal-print skirt.

9. Finally seeing my two oldest friends after seven months and it seeming like we’ve never been apart.
10. Setting up my new blogging corner on our new sofa.

looking forward to November, in particular all the family days I’ve got planned. Check me out on Instagram @josclothes for more.

Are you on Instagram? Let me know where to find you.